The National Center for Family-Integrated Churches
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Would you like to support our work? What do we do anyway?

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If you would like to support the NCFIC consider three things

First, we are almost a 100% donation based ministry. We don’t operate like a business. We are a 501c3. We give our resources away except for hard goods like books and CD’s which we must sell. And, you can get most them for free online on our web site. We are most interested in spreading a message and care very little about selling products.

Second, if you would like to receive some of our resources - books, CD’s DVD's, - and are strapped for funds, please let us know. We would like to get them into your hands. We just ask that you pay what you can.

Third, If our work has been helpful to you, would you consider supporting us financially?

We believe that encouraging gospel centered biblically ordered churches and families is a huge need in our day.

This is why we need financial supporters to grow our work. Click here to donate

What do we do anyway?

Below is a description of what we do with the resources the Lord gives us. We have a simple agenda: to proclaim the sufficiency of scripture for church and family life in order to restore the true worship of God in our cities. Our prayer is for the maturation and multiplication of gospel centered, biblically ordered churches and families who glorify God by the spread of the gospel from one generation to the next.

There are four facets of our ministry to proclaim the sufficiency of scripture. Here is our project list going forward that fit into the four categories of activity.

1. Furnish conferences

We plan to continue to sponsor conferences around the world along with our annual national conference as well as regional conferences on church and family life. This year, our national conference is called, “Repentance.” It takes our staff all year long to produce our national conference. These conferences are very unique among the conference scene. Whole families come to hear the Word of God preached. We also provide for free regional marriage retreats for couples married seven years and under as well as other marriage gatherings. Our ministry internationally has been expanding over the years. We have been invited to minister in New Zealand, Malawi, South Korea and South America.

2. Produce resources

Here are a few resources which are currently in the works: 1. Repentance devotional videos. We are producing around 300 short video clips on the doctrine of “Repentance” by various speakers. 2. The person and work of Jesus Christ devotional video project. In 2018, our plan to focus our national conference on the beauty and supremacy of Christ. We plan to shoot devotional video clips to post throughout 2018. 3. Spanish translation of doctrinal and family discipleship resources. We have a Spanish web site where we post these Spanish resources. We have several other writing projects in the works. 4. We would like to produce a Spanish version of Feminine By Design. 5. We are also going to release a “Family Worship Bible Survey Course – Journey Through the Bible” - by Scott Brown that summarizes every book of the Bible and gives families tools to understand each book as they read it together. 6. Further, we have a significant backlog of video and audio from various conferences that we would like to produce into six session study courses for churches and families. Some examples are The Worship of God, The Power of the Gospel and the Highway of Holiness, the Fear of God and Repentance.

3. Connect churches and families

There are approximately 500 churches which affiliate with the NCFIC with more added each month. Our desire is to provide a tool where people can easily find gospel centered, biblically ordered, family integrated churches in their areas. Our web site is a critical tool for connecting families with churches and families with families. We are also decentralizing and multiplying our efforts through the Regional Facilitators. These men foster local and personal on the ground relationship building. We now have 11 regional facilitators on our payroll and we would like to expand this to 15 men. These leaders facilitate regional leadership meetings and conferences for local pastors. We have found that these men have been helpful in encouraging pastors and strengthening of churches in the regions we have established.

4. Conduct personal discipleship

Our staff is focused personal discipleship with church leaders and lay people around the world. 

Further, the NCFIC internship is an annual men's discipleship program which takes place in Wake Forest NC. It is designed to prepare young men for leadership in church and family life. It features various academic exercises consisting of reading, writing, and personal study. Interns benefit from local church involvement and mentorship by the men and families at Hope Baptist Church. During the internship, they are engaged in ministry to families and churches across the nation through travel and their work at the office of the NCFICOur overarching goal is that these young men would depart from the internship with an expanded view of the majesty of God, the power of the gospel, and God’s order for church and family life.

There are many encouraging signs that God is prospering our message and ministry. We are very grateful for that. I believe our best years are ahead.

Would you consider doing one of the following things to help us?

1. Consider giving a large donation in the next couple of months.

2. Put us on your monthly missions giving.

3. Introduce us to someone who loves our ministry and would like to help us financially spread the message of the sufficiency of scripture for church and family life. You can send them my email ( so we can get connected.

Scott Brown


Please consider coming to our national conference: Repentance - The Reformation Continues - October 26-28 in Asheville NC.

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