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Lynn Joesph

Lynn Joesph has been a freelance writer since 2005.

Posted 6/16/17 at 7:32 AM | Lynn Joesph

Gadgets Impress At This Year’s E3

Each and every year, game developers from all around the world travel to the United States for the E3 conference. During this spectacular, annual event, developers show off their latest creations, while fans get giddy with excitement. While many fans travel to E3 in hopes of seeing the latest games from Nintendo and Microsoft, others want to check out the news consoles and latest gadgets. For those in the latter category, this year’s E3 has not disappointed. Some of the biggest attractions this year fit right into the gadget category. First and foremost, it is nearly impossible to talk about E3 2017 without mentioning the Xbox One X.

It will be difficult not to be impressed with the latest console coming from Microsoft. The console delivers everything a modern gamer could dream of, including 12 GB GDDR5 RAM, 4k gaming resolution and so much more. While the console is nothing more than a revamping of the company’s Xbox One, this makes it even better in many consumer’s perspective. This will give them the ability to get a premium console, without having to worry about buying newer and more expensive games. FULL POST

Posted 6/5/17 at 5:45 AM | Lynn Joesph

More People than Ever Shopping Online

Over recent months, a number of reports have shown that more people than ever are now shopping online. In the United States, over two third of Americans shop online and many have made purchases over their mobile devices as well as via their computers. There are many reasons why people are increasingly turning to the internet to make their purchases. It is also thought that this trend will continue over the coming years.

According to one report, convenience is one of the reasons behind the popularity of online shopping. However, it is not the only reason why so many people go online. Often, people go online because of the huge choice that they can enjoy while others find it easier to get good deals and compare prices. It appears that it is a combination of different factors that sway consumers’ decisions to head online for various types of shopping. FULL POST

Posted 5/31/17 at 5:05 AM | Lynn Joesph

Best Asian Country for Christian Vacation

South-East Asia is one of the most popular tourists spots in the world, thanks to its beautiful beaches and amazing nature. Combined with low prices and a laid back atmosphere, these countries are perfect for a relaxing vacation. While Thailand is by far the most visited and well-developed, it poses numerous challenges for Christian visitors, who wish to gain value from their holiday instead of just pure, mindless fun.

Don't get me wrong, Thailand is a great place with a rich culture and many things to see and do. However, an overly developed sex tourism scene and overall wild party atmosphere at most islands make it a less optimal family destination. Instead, we'd like to highlight the Philippines as a great alternative for your next tropical vacation.

Many people don't know it, but the Philippines is in fact 95% Christian – with Catholics being the overwhelming majority. Locals are extremely friendly, and they all speak English very well. Prices are even lower than Thailand's, and the scenery is just as impressive. On top of that, there are specific highlights which are unique to the Philippines, and make it a perfect destination for a Christian vacation.

The Churches - fascinating Asian-Hispanic fusion

Posted 5/24/17 at 3:47 AM | Lynn Joesph

Analyzing The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Whether you are a hockey fan or not, when you turn on the news or ESPN you probably can’t help hearing something about hockey. If you are a hockey fan, you probably love it. It is already shaping up to be a historic season finale, as history has already been made by the Nashville Predators.

For the first time in history the franchise will be heading to the Stanley Cup final, as the eliminated the Anaheim Ducks on Monday night. Many have the Predators pegged as the series favorite, but could this just be a pipe dream because of this big historic break? Who will their opponents be? Lots of exciting things are shaping up and taking place.

On the Eastern Conference side of the bracket you still have two amazing teams battling for a spot in the finals. The Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins are still going head to head with no quit showing in either team; however, the Penguins do have the momentum going into game 6, as they lead the series 3 to 2. Game 6 will take place Tuesday, May 23.

Whether you are a Predators fan or not, you have to wonder how the team is going to hold up with Ryan Johansen out on the injured list due to a thigh injury. Of course, the team has performed with perfection the last two games that he has been gone, but can they keep the momentum and grasp that beautiful cup in their hands? Veteran winger himself James Neal has already acknowledged that the task at hand would be much more difficult without Johansen, but he and the rest of the team are willing to do whatever it takes to overcome adversity. FULL POST

Posted 5/17/17 at 3:18 AM | Lynn Joesph

Tottenham is the best position to develop more current Premier League players

Mauricio Pochettino demands that under him Tottenham is the “perfect club” for young English players. The Argentinean statements Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United is his inspiration and that the home-grown stars of tomorrow have the same talent as up-and-coming players in Argentina, Brazil, and Spain.

Spurs starlets have won the PFA's Young Player of the Award four times in the last five years, and their primary men Harry Kane and Dele Alli have both been nominated for it again this season.

Pochettino, who was insisted Alli should also be listed briefly for the main players.

Player prize with Kane, said: Tottenham are featuring a huge knowing and depend upon younger players. Tottenham is not the only club, but I think it is one of the best few clubs that considers and for young players it is an ideal club to develop their game.

It’s a big stress to win when you are a big team. But I think for me the best example in soccer in many years was Manchester United with Sir Alex Ferguson and what he designed with younger skills from the academy or from England, which comes up with primary of a team that won everything. FULL POST

Posted 5/11/17 at 2:06 AM | Lynn Joesph

What You Can Expect From the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

The courtroom is not a comfortable place to be. This is especially true if you find yourself as the defendant. It may be tempting to simply allow the court system to choose your defense attorney, but this is a bad move. No matter what you have to do, hire the best criminal defense attorney possible. Here are just a few of the things they will do for you.

Plea Bargain
When you find yourself in the throes of the court system, even if you did the crime you are being prosecuted for, your defense attorney will fight for you. People often do not understand how the court system works. Plea bargains are negotiated by the attorneys. A plea bargain is a set sentence that is agreed upon by both parties. As San Diego based criminal lawyer Vikas Bajaj explains, “It tends to be much less of a sentence because the attorneys and the judge try to avoid taking any case to trial. An experienced criminal defense attorney will negotiate your plea deal to avoid the high costs involved with going to court.” Get more info by visiting his website

Sentencing Program
It is often thought that once a verdict is handed down, that is the end. This is not true. The sentencing still has to take place and that is a tricky thing to do without a seasoned attorney in your corner. Although it can be difficult to get a guilty verdict overturned, it is possible to have a sentencing program designed for you. Instead of having to spend your entire sentence in a high security lock down facility for years at a time, your defense attorney can talk to the judge to get part of your sentence transferred to a much lower security facility. Such facilities include drug rehab as well as some prison camps with minimal security and much more freedom than traditional institutions. FULL POST

Posted 5/11/17 at 12:13 AM | Lynn Joesph

How Defamation Affects Your Fame And Steps To Be Taken For Defamation Legally

Everyone would have faced defamation about themselves in their life. Defamation occurs when a person makes a false statement of another person and harming the reputation of the person in public. The false statement could be spoken or slander, written or libel. “Defamation” term covers both the libel and slander. Defamation cases can be taken to court but, they are quite complicated for proving the torts such as assault. When the case it taken to the court then it is necessary to prove the following terms

  • Defendant made a statement - spoken or written
  • Statement was false
  • Defendant published as a statement to a third person
  • Publication of the false statement that harms the reputation or making plaintiff damaged.

“Defamation of Character” is the legal term for getting the reputation of a person dragged to the ground. The verbal defamation can also be also called as the Slander but when the defamation is in the form of written then it is called as Libel. What is Defamation is the biggest question that everyone has in their mind so when a statement is false about a person, then it can be called as defamation. Truth is the absolute defense against defamation so that the actual fact statement is protected by the law. When you could not find the employment or sell your product or service due to the Defamation of your Character by someone then you can take legal action against them. FULL POST

Posted 5/1/17 at 12:40 AM | Lynn Joesph

The Bible, Lawyers And God – What Is The Connection?

Many Christians get the wrong idea when talking about what the Bible says about lawyers and their actions. What we should all understand is that in the Bible we do not find text about attorneys as they are today. Israel at the time was under strict Rome legal jurisdiction. When referring to “teachers of the law” (as in Luke 5:17), the mention is about religious leaders expert in Mosaic Law. Our modern court system that includes defense lawyers and prosecuting lawyers is far from what was present then. Modern attorneys only appeared when the Middle Ages passed.

Human accusers are mentioned in the Bible. They are those that appear in front of a magistrate to charge someone else. However, the accusers are normally witnesses. They are not lawyers. The only Bible character that that is close to the modern prosecuting attorney is the orator Tertullus. He received payment from Jews to make a presentation of initial case in front of Governor Felix against Paul.

Our legal system does reflect a biblical model. Prosecuting lawyers analyze and use the law in order to bring accusations against defendants, trying to show that they are guilty, all without reasonable doubt. Defense attorneys will argue for the client in various different circumstances. With Christians, Jesus’ sacrifice in extenuating circumstances paid lawgiver debts and made us all go free, although the guilt exists according to Law (check Romans 8:1-5). FULL POST

Posted 4/25/17 at 8:30 AM | Lynn Joesph

More and More Americans Turning to Online Streaming

Statistics have shown that more and more people in America are turning to online streaming for entertainment, which could spark concerns amongst businesses such as cable companies and print media. With people now accessing the internet on the go as well as at home, online viewing and streaming has become hugely popular, with many websites offering entertainment and content that can be streamed with ease.

Viewers are now streaming everything from movies and TV through to the latest news on their computer or mobile devices. This is partly because this type of content is so accessible. For instance, viewers can watch CNN Live Stream online free of charge, so they can keep up with the latest news wherever they are. In addition, there are many sites that offer free access to movies and TV shows, which can be streamed with ease.

More viewing options than ever for consumers

The rising popularity of online streaming for entertainment has occurred for a number of reasons. The first is the increase in the number and quality of mobile devices that we have access to these days. This makes it easy for viewers to enjoy entertainment when on the go as well as when they are at home. Another key factor is the choice of online entertainment that is available these days. This includes many movie and TV sites, news sites, music streaming sites, and more. FULL POST

Posted 4/7/17 at 7:52 AM | Lynn Joesph

Get a Car-Not an EMI

Thinking about owning a car but worried about paying the EMI? There is a special opportunity and an exciting new platform that would make this possible for interested individuals with aspirations of owning their first or other cars. In the current scenario of ‘shared economies’, things are interestingly poised, where consumers stand to benefit tremendously. What is even more thrilling is that now, one can even own a car using the same principle.

ZAP by Zoomcar offers a great chance to car owners to maximise their return on their new car by sharing their vehicle. It is an ingenious way to make the owner earn in an absolutely safe and simple way when the car is not in use. Research indicates that the average car spends 90% of its life parked in a garage, which means most of the time it is idle and unused. If one avails the ZAP program from Zoomcar, not only would one’s vehicle be put to good use but would also help pay off the car loan interest rate with total ease. This will result in a win-win situation as one would own a vehicle that is bringing with it monetary returns. FULL POST

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