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Lynn Joesph

Lynn Joesph has been a freelance writer since 2005.

Posted 7/17/17 at 7:35 AM | Lynn Joesph

How To Obtain A Visa For Your Upcoming Travels

So, you are planning an overseas vacation in the near future? Congratulations, because you are going to be in for quite the treat, as you will get to experience breathtaking landscapes and picturesque backdrops. However, before you embark on your journey, there is going to be lots of planning and tasks that you have to accomplish before you will even be allowed in the country. One of the tasks will be acquiring a travel visa. Travel visas are small documents that allow you to enter and exit a country, and they are usually only good for a certain amount of days.

Acquiring these types of documents can sometimes be a hassle, which is why the whole process will be laid out for you below.

Proper Research Beforehand
It is always best to start researching and planning at least 4 to 6 weeks, before you plan your departure, so everything will be in order. Your best source of information will be the Department of State Travel website, as you can access different information about different countries. On this website there will be a specific section dedicated to specific countries so, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the one that you are visiting. FULL POST

Posted 6/16/17 at 7:32 AM | Lynn Joesph

What Can Christians do about Debt?

There are many devout Christians that firmly believe that debt is something that should be avoided, as this is something that indicates frivolous living beyond a person’s means. In fact, many believe that the proverb ‘the borrower is slave to the lender’ is God’s way of saying that we should avoid debt.

However, in today’s society debt has become part and parcel of everyday life. People who are in debt are not necessarily those who have spent frivolously and frittered the money away. Often, financial struggles have led to people getting into debt for vital things such as buying a home, getting a car to get to work and back, and sometimes even paying for essentials.

What can we do about debt?

Many Christians, just like non-Christians, have found themselves facing worrying debt levels as a result of this. Of course, for a Christian making sure that the debt is repaid in full is important but when there are financial constraints such as low income to consider, it can be difficult to keep on top of the repayments.

One of the things that you can do if you are in this situation is to consider consolidation. When you consolidate debt, you can make it easier to repay. This in turn means that you won’t have to worry about missing payments or being unable to repay what you owe. Instead, consolidation simply makes it easier for you to manage the debt that you have to deal with so that you can get rid of it as quickly as possible. FULL POST

Posted 6/5/17 at 5:45 AM | Lynn Joesph

Create Personalized Gifts for Christmas

Many Christians struggle when it comes to choosing a gift to give to loved ones at Christmas. We all want to give something that is wholesome and unique but the choice is often limited, particularly when you are buying for people that don’t drink or engage in other activities around which many Christmas gifts are centered.

One of the things that you can do to create a wonderful gift for Christian family members and friends is to opt for something that is personalized. This is a great way to add a unique and special personal touch to the gifts you give. You can even add photos to the gifts and use tools such as a simple photo editor to make the images stand out ready for us. With the right personalized gifts, you can give a loved one something that they can truly treasure for years to come.

Why people give personalized gifts

You will find that there are many people in the Christian community that like to give personalized gifts for special occasions when they are buying for loved ones. So, why are personalized gifts such as popular option? Well, let’s take a look at some of the main benefits: FULL POST

Posted 5/31/17 at 5:05 AM | Lynn Joesph

Best Asian Country for Christian Vacation

South-East Asia is one of the most popular tourists spots in the world, thanks to its beautiful beaches and amazing nature. Combined with low prices and a laid back atmosphere, these countries are perfect for a relaxing vacation. While Thailand is by far the most visited and well-developed, it poses numerous challenges for Christian visitors, who wish to gain value from their holiday instead of just pure, mindless fun.

Don't get me wrong, Thailand is a great place with a rich culture and many things to see and do. However, an overly developed sex tourism scene and overall wild party atmosphere at most islands make it a less optimal family destination. Instead, we'd like to highlight the Philippines as a great alternative for your next tropical vacation.

Many people don't know it, but the Philippines is in fact 95% Christian – with Catholics being the overwhelming majority. Locals are extremely friendly, and they all speak English very well. Prices are even lower than Thailand's, and the scenery is just as impressive. On top of that, there are specific highlights which are unique to the Philippines, and make it a perfect destination for a Christian vacation.

The Churches - fascinating Asian-Hispanic fusion

Posted 5/24/17 at 3:47 AM | Lynn Joesph

Analyzing The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Whether you are a hockey fan or not, when you turn on the news or ESPN you probably can’t help hearing something about hockey. If you are a hockey fan, you probably love it. It is already shaping up to be a historic season finale, as history has already been made by the Nashville Predators.

For the first time in history the franchise will be heading to the Stanley Cup final, as the eliminated the Anaheim Ducks on Monday night. Many have the Predators pegged as the series favorite, but could this just be a pipe dream because of this big historic break? Who will their opponents be? Lots of exciting things are shaping up and taking place.

On the Eastern Conference side of the bracket you still have two amazing teams battling for a spot in the finals. The Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins are still going head to head with no quit showing in either team; however, the Penguins do have the momentum going into game 6, as they lead the series 3 to 2. Game 6 will take place Tuesday, May 23.

Whether you are a Predators fan or not, you have to wonder how the team is going to hold up with Ryan Johansen out on the injured list due to a thigh injury. Of course, the team has performed with perfection the last two games that he has been gone, but can they keep the momentum and grasp that beautiful cup in their hands? Veteran winger himself James Neal has already acknowledged that the task at hand would be much more difficult without Johansen, but he and the rest of the team are willing to do whatever it takes to overcome adversity. FULL POST

Posted 5/17/17 at 3:18 AM | Lynn Joesph

Tottenham is the best position to develop more current premier league players

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Legitimateness and Scope
Most nations have sanctioned web based gaming and issue legitimate licenses to online gambling club sites that are recharged after ever couple of years. One outstanding special case of this is where internet betting was restricted with a congressional bill that was passed as of late in 2006. At present the nations with the most online gambling club players incorporate the UK, Germany, Canada and Australia. Because of the worldwide extent of internet gaming, most gambling club sites acknowledge installment in different monetary forms and offer variants of their diversions in a few dialects. FULL POST

Posted 5/11/17 at 2:06 AM | Lynn Joesph

Criminals Continue to Use Religion to Prey on Investors

On December 18, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning to investors about affinity frauds. Affinity frauds are investment scams that target members of specific groups, including religious groups. The fraudsters gain trust because they are either members of the group themselves, or they pretend to be a member.

It is unfathomable that a person would intentionally target members of a church, however we are seeing it quite often. In March of 2017, ChristianPost published an article about Ephren Taylor, who was sentenced in an $16 million Ponzi scheme that targeted Megachuches. In 2013, ChristianPost wrote an article about Michael Winans, Jr., who was sentenced for running an $8 million Ponzi scheme targeting churches.

According to FBI Special Agent Michael Pickett, the FBI has opened 10 new cases in the last four months and is investigation more than $2 billion worth of fraud in the Utah area alone. Unfortunately, the occurrence of these types of frauds does not seem to be slowing down. FULL POST

Posted 5/11/17 at 12:13 AM | Lynn Joesph

How Defamation Affects Your Fame And Steps To Be Taken For Defamation Legally

Everyone would have faced defamation about themselves in their life. Defamation occurs when a person makes a false statement of another person and harming the reputation of the person in public. The false statement could be spoken or slander, written or libel. “Defamation” term covers both the libel and slander. Defamation cases can be taken to court but, they are quite complicated for proving the torts such as assault. When the case it taken to the court then it is necessary to prove the following terms

  • Defendant made a statement - spoken or written
  • Statement was false
  • Defendant published as a statement to a third person
  • Publication of the false statement that harms the reputation or making plaintiff damaged.

“Defamation of Character” is the legal term for getting the reputation of a person dragged to the ground. The verbal defamation can also be also called as the Slander but when the defamation is in the form of written then it is called as Libel. What is Defamation is the biggest question that everyone has in their mind so when a statement is false about a person, then it can be called as defamation. Truth is the absolute defense against defamation so that the actual fact statement is protected by the law. When you could not find the employment or sell your product or service due to the Defamation of your Character by someone then you can take legal action against them. FULL POST

Posted 5/1/17 at 12:40 AM | Lynn Joesph

The Bible, Lawyers And God – What Is The Connection?

Many Christians get the wrong idea when talking about what the Bible says about lawyers and their actions. What we should all understand is that in the Bible we do not find text about attorneys as they are today. Israel at the time was under strict Rome legal jurisdiction. When referring to “teachers of the law” (as in Luke 5:17), the mention is about religious leaders expert in Mosaic Law. Our modern court system that includes defense lawyers and prosecuting lawyers is far from what was present then. Modern attorneys only appeared when the Middle Ages passed.

Human accusers are mentioned in the Bible. They are those that appear in front of a magistrate to charge someone else. However, the accusers are normally witnesses. They are not lawyers. The only Bible character that that is close to the modern prosecuting attorney is the orator Tertullus. He received payment from Jews to make a presentation of initial case in front of Governor Felix against Paul.

Our legal system does reflect a biblical model. Prosecuting lawyers analyze and use the law in order to bring accusations against defendants, trying to show that they are guilty, all without reasonable doubt. Defense attorneys will argue for the client in various different circumstances. With Christians, Jesus’ sacrifice in extenuating circumstances paid lawgiver debts and made us all go free, although the guilt exists according to Law (check Romans 8:1-5). FULL POST

Posted 4/25/17 at 8:30 AM | Lynn Joesph

More and More Americans Turning to Online Streaming

Statistics have shown that more and more people in America are turning to online streaming for entertainment, which could spark concerns amongst businesses such as cable companies and print media. With people now accessing the internet on the go as well as at home, online viewing and streaming has become hugely popular, with many websites offering entertainment and content that can be streamed with ease.

Viewers are now streaming everything from movies and TV through to the latest news on their computer or mobile devices. This is partly because this type of content is so accessible. For instance, viewers can watch CNN Live Stream online free of charge, so they can keep up with the latest news wherever they are. In addition, there are many sites that offer free access to movies and TV shows, which can be streamed with ease.

More viewing options than ever for consumers

The rising popularity of online streaming for entertainment has occurred for a number of reasons. The first is the increase in the number and quality of mobile devices that we have access to these days. This makes it easy for viewers to enjoy entertainment when on the go as well as when they are at home. Another key factor is the choice of online entertainment that is available these days. This includes many movie and TV sites, news sites, music streaming sites, and more. FULL POST

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