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Canon Business Process Services Launches A New Website

Fri, Oct. 06, 2017 Posted: 09:00 AM

Canon Business Process Services has announced the launch of a brand new website. The company that has been leading the way in the provision of managed services and technology has added that the new website will offer a better user experience due to its new features. The site comes with a more responsive design, it’s more visual and modern and will allow users to access its contents using a wide range of devices including mobile phones.

The site will offer streamlined access to the solutions that are offered by Canon Business Process Services. The company has also said that the new website will make it easier for customers to learn more about the services offered. Customers will see how Canon solutions can help them achieve their goals and also access content on how the company has helped other businesses achieve their full potential using its innovative tech solutions.

Canon Business Process Services has pioneered excellence in business process outsourcing and the new website will ensure that businesses across the world are able to access its expertise anytime they need to. Canon Business Process Services has noted that the site comes with a number of key highlights that customers should look forward to.

The Homepage - This will be the main page and will provide quick access to the managed services offered by Canon as well as industry-specific solutions designed for various businesses. The homepage will also provide information on various plans and service packages that are customized to meet the needs of various companies.

Insights Section - The Insights section is designed to provide informative and thought-provoking content that will help businesses understand the BPO industry better. It will feature research reports posted by experts in the industry as well as analysts and other associations. The section will also have white papers, survey results, and success stories that will help businesses stay updated on the latest trends in the industry and learn how they can explore these new changes to benefit their companies.

Company Blog - The new website will also feature a blog. The company blog will have informative posts and viewpoints from Canon experts. It will also offer insights on trends and practices in the BPO industry to help businesses make sense of everything.

Improved Search and Filter - The search and filter feature on the website has been significantly improved too. The feature will allow users to navigate through the website and easily find anything they want. There is also valuable content to be downloaded which can be found using the search feature.

About Canon Business Process Services
Canon Business Process Services helps businesses to significantly improve their operational performance by offering innovative managed services and technology. The company offers document and information management services, BPO services, and specialty staffing solutions. The company was ranked among the top 100 global outsourcing companies in 2016 by IAOP for 10 years in a row. Canon Business Process Services is a subsidiary of Canon USA Inc.

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