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Tips for buying a diamond

Wed, Feb. 22, 2017 Posted: 02:09 AM

It is very important to buy a precious stone in the light of day, a day of good weather and exposure to the north. It is in these conditions that the true color of the diamond will appear.

In the absence of these conditions it will be preferable to use a lamp than a light next to daylight. In all good jewelry you can find lamps that are equipped with special lamps, called lamps in cold light, which are used for the selection of diamonds. Fluorescent tubes are not recommended. You need to read this article carefully before buying in a jewelry shop.

Gemological Certificate

A gemological certificate of diamonds weighing more than 0.50 carat must be systematically required. It must be issued by an internationally renowned gemology laboratory with an excellent reputation. A list of these laboratories can be found on our website: diamond certificate.

This gemological report includes all the main characteristics of the diamond, it is a true identity card of the diamond and can not be confused with another one.

If you want to have more information about the reputation of a certain gemology laboratory, about the certificate or if you have any doubt, contact several professionals to get their opinion.

The characteristics of the diamond should always be checked. Indeed, there may be fairly significant price differences between two diamonds of equal weight but slightly different colors or purities. Take an example, we propose a 1 carat diamond that has no certificate, we tell you that this diamond is classified as F in color and VS1 in purity, theoretically this diamond would cost approximately $ 13,071.00 (price in the retail trade: jewelry, costume jewelery, etc). It would be enough that this diamond had a purity value less, that is to say that it was VS2, so that its price was $ 11,502.00, that is to say close to 12.00% less ($ 1,568.00), which is not negligible in the moment of such purchase.

Hence the importance of the certificate, the true identity card of the diamond. But, attention, a certificate is not a guarantee of quality because, in effect, a diamond can have a certificate but be of poor quality (bad purity, colors, proportions, polish, symmetry, fluorescence, etc ...). Hence the importance of knowing how to "decipher" a certificate and of reading it carefully. A small sentence in the certificate, Clarity enhanced or Color enhanced, should prompt you to react immediately.

It is in the presence of a diamond whose purity or color has been artificially modified and the price of such a diamond falls sharply (from 60 to 80%). If you know the 4 C (weight, color, purity, size) you only have to know the price of this diamond in the retail trade. For this you can access our section "diamond price" to compare the price set in the jewelry and the price set on our page and, if you see a difference too large against you, you should see ...

It is not necessary to take into consideration only the 4 main criteria of the diamond (weight, color, purity, size) at the moment of the purchase of a diamond. In effect, the proportions of the diamond, its fluorescence or its finish are other important criteria.

Lynn Joesph