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Different Phases Of Web Development Process

Thu, Oct. 27, 2016 Posted: 08:23 AM

To prepare a website, developer and the expert team have to go through different phases. There are a number of steps which is required to follow to prepare a web site. There is no particular formula to follow as the process can vary from the developer to developer.

Here, we are going to emphasize over the prominent phase of web development techniques. The six steps mentioned below are essential.

1. Collecting information – The first step revolves around accumulating information as it is required to design a successful website. Needless to mention that there is a need of solid understanding of the company in order to prepare an impressive website. In this connection, a web developer or designer must be good in communication skill to get the most out of the client. It is important for carving out the website expected by the client. The first step also include the Goal and purpose in website development. Not only this, but what kind of audience you need to target is essential to know.

2. Planning – Now, you have got all kinds of required information which need to churn out the best website. It is time to put all the information together to bring out the expected website. After collecting information, it is time to focus on building up the site map. At this point, all topics are covered by the web developer.

3. Web Designing – Let’s come to the next point which is dedicated to web design. How your website will look depends on which kind of audience you are going to target. For example, if you are going to target the teenagers or youth, your website must look stylish, eye-catching and informative. On the other hand, if it is asked about preparing a website for financial institute, it would be completely different from the website prepared for the teenagers. Here, you need to stay in touch with the developer, so you will come to know how it is being prepared. You must guide the developer time-to-time if he/she goes not going in the right way.

4. Development – It’s time to emphasize on the web development of the website. It means you need to work on the coding, CMS etc.

5. Testing and Delivery- After preparing a website, it is required to test. Testing ensures that any kind of mistake has not been left during Web development. The developer needs to spare time over testing to ensure that they are serving the quality based work. Your customer always expect that the web site will be delivered after testing.

6. Maintenance – These days maintenance package is also offered by the new age developers. Maintenance stands for constant updating of the content, latest information, products, and images etc., regarding web development.

These all above mentioned web development techniques works a lot to prepare a mind boggling website. They are the prominent phases of the website. So, next time when you take any kind of project, keep these all phases in your mind to churn out a mind blowing web portal to leave your client speechless.

Lynn Joesph