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Get a Car-Not an EMI

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Thinking about owning a car but worried about paying the EMI? There is a special opportunity and an exciting new platform that would make this possible for interested individuals with aspirations of owning their first or other cars. In the current scenario of ‘shared economies’, things are interestingly poised, where consumers stand to benefit tremendously. What is even more thrilling is that now, one can even own a car using the same principle.

ZAP by Zoomcar offers a great chance to car owners to maximise their return on their new car by sharing their vehicle. It is an ingenious way to make the owner earn in an absolutely safe and simple way when the car is not in use. Research indicates that the average car spends 90% of its life parked in a garage, which means most of the time it is idle and unused. If one avails the ZAP program from Zoomcar, not only would one’s vehicle be put to good use but would also help pay off the car loan interest rate with total ease. This will result in a win-win situation as one would own a vehicle that is bringing with it monetary returns.

Why ZAP is Good for a Car Owner

Zoomcar Associate Program (ZAP) provides an incentive for owning new cars for sale. It’s simple and hassle free process where the car owner purchases the vehicle using Zoomcar commercial licence. Zoomcar facilitates car finance with one of its lending partners and on receiving the car fits it with necessary hardware like tracking equipment and a keyless entry device. The car owner can use the vehicle as per his requirement and offer it to Zoomcar when not in use. With every booking made, the owner earns from the car covering the EMI amount.

What Savings do Car Owners Have?
The savings the car owners make depends on the number of hours or days the car has been made available for renting. A hatchback, for example, can earn upto 10-15,000 a month if listed for 15 days a month. This translates into 70% savings on the EMI for the car owner making it a profitable proposition. In addition, the owner also gets discounted rates on any personal bookings that made on weekdays.

Boost Earnings
A vehicle owner can earn a lot more if they choose to make their car available for more that 24 hours at a time. Listing it during peak periods or weekends further augments the earning potential, as the hiring charge is higher at such times. This means more returns, making it easy to pay the EMI. Zoomcar helps the owner maximise earningsby sending push notifications in advance to allow them to plan and list during peak periods.

Track Savings on ZAP with Ease
ZAP is a comprehensive platform with an App that is designed to allow the vehicle owner to keep track of their earnings on a per trip basis. They also have access and can browse through past earnings, costs incurred and revenue generated. This information is available anytime and anywhere and is a perfect way to ensure that the program is financially beneficial for the car owner.

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