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The Significance of Regular Hormone Testing

Fri, Mar. 17, 2017 Posted: 03:59 AM

Hormones are chemicals secreted by the human body that help it in performing a number of day to day functions effectively. There are hormones like endocrine that prepares the human body for fight or flight in certain circumstances. Testosterone, which is one of the most commonly known hormones, is produced in males to promote healthy growth and development.

These are just a few examples of important secretions that help us achieve a variety of complex activities. As a result then, it is essential to keep an eye on the levels of the hormones to ensure that they are being produced in equilibrium in the body.

Reasons and symptoms of hormone deficiency
There are a wide variety of reasons that can contribute to hormone deficiency in the human body. These include stress, anxiety, poor diet and sleeping patterns or even genetic factors. These are highly relevant elements because depression or anxiety, for example, is a disorder that affects more than half of the youth of today. This is why if regular hormone testing becomes imperative.

A hormone imbalance in the body can be detected through a variety of symptoms. These include some simple indications like lack of sleep or weight gain and go on to include more complex indicators like bloating, having trouble concentrating and falling into depression or having anxiety attacks. Although these might be precursors to other possible disorders but it is most likely that there is a hormone imbalance occurring in the body that is causing these troubles. In case you experience these symptoms of other complains like loss of muscle or energy and becoming irritable excessively, it is recommended that you head to a physician and have a hormone test performed at the earliest.

Importance of hormone testing
Hormone testing has a number of substantial benefits beside the fact that it gives indications about the healthy functioning of the body and if not what might the possible solutions to the situation might be. These include:

Helps detect ailments before they grow
A number of disorder like cardiovascular or respiratory ailments result from a particular hormone deficiency in the body that is left unchecked. One of the most common diseases is diabetes which is the inability of the body to produce insulin, a hormone that breaks down glucose. Although some disorders might not have a known cure as of now, hormone testing at a regular basis can make it easy to spot a problem so that you and your doctor can start analyzing treatment options sooner rather than at a later stage when no solution might be feasible.

Aids in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
Staying on the lookout for healthy hormone activity means that you ensure that your body keeps functioning properly over longer periods of time. As a result whenever a certain hormone starts to show signs of reduction a number of therapies can be recommended in order to bring them back to the normal level. This means that your body can continue to perform its vital every day activities without any problems.

Restores bone health and brings anti-aging benefits
Detecting early hormone deficiency through hormone testing means problems like aging and deteriorating bone health can be identified and remedies be put in place to reduce their overall effects. Ailments like osteoporosis and calcium absorption deficiency can easily to put to rest or delayed considerably through regular hormone testing and subsequent therapy.

If you’re experiencing symptoms related to hormone deficiency and can’t understand what might be going on, visit in order to have your hormone panel test performed. These tests work wonders in determining any potential problems that might be brewing up inside your body, problems that might cause catastrophic damages if left unchecked for a long time.

Lynn Joesph