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How effectively does Cycling Benefit your Kid’s Growth?

Wed, Jun. 15, 2016 Posted: 06:45 AM

Bicycling is a great workout that can help you address a number of health issues, while avoiding a number of others. This is because not only does MTB bike riding offer you a great workout – it also helps keep your mood elevated, keep you engaged, and help your mental as well as physical health reach their peak. Cycling can help improve and maintain good cardiovascular function, strength your muscles, bones, and joints, and make exercising fun! Keep reading to find out the many other ways in which bicycling can help your own health as well as that of your children.

Stay Healthy without the Struggle!

While some people really enjoy exercising, others simply go through the motions because it’s the healthy thing to do. There is some evidence to suggest, however, that introducing your children to physical activity early in their childhood can help them develop great exercise habits for the rest of their life. Cycling is a great way to do this! Bike riding is a fun activity that also helps ensure that growing bones are strong, coordination is good, and muscles strengthen properly throughout childhood. Even better is the fact that cycling is a great option for children with special needs – there are all sorts of bicycles available that are specially designed to help children with various developmental needs go out and experience the joy of cycling.

Bike Riding is Safe for Children!

Yes, it’s true that cycling involves certain risks. Sometimes people fall over, for example, which might result in scraped knees or worse, if the fall is particularly bad. The thing to keep in mind, however, is that falls are rare once someone has learned how to ride a bike. How often do you see cyclists crashing into things or falling off of their bikes in the park? Cycling helps improve coordination as well as balance, which in turn makes it less likely that cyclists will routinely crash into things or experience injuries related to falls. You can (and should) always invest in bike helmets. The health benefits of bike riding are numerous, and the truth is that it’s far better for your child to cycle than not to – exercise is an incredibly important part of children’s lives.

By contrast, it should be noted that the excessive compulsion to ensure children avoid even the most minor of aches and pains is potentially extremely unhealthy. There is a difference between being a concerned parent and restricting your children from taking the types of risks that foster good decision-making skills and encourage healthy growth. By all means, take protective measures when it comes to cycling, as you would anything else. Keep your children in sight, or make sure you know where they’re biking. Check out the aforementioned protective gear that will prevent bumps and bruises should they fall over while riding. Don’t keep your children entirely indoors, however, and forbid the use of bicycles altogether. Cycling really does have important and significant benefits for your kid’s health.

Increase Academic Performance

Briefly mentioned above, today’s children seem to have far less independence than previous generations. While protecting children is important and should be a priority, it’s important to understand the line between protection and excessive action. Walking or cycling to school, for example, used to be extremely common activities for children to engage in. This was a great thing because it allows children to form relationships with their peers, from their own “play groups”, and take responsibility for being aware of their surroundings and actions. Unfortunately, many children today are sheltered from these types of activities. This has a negative impact on development, both physical and social, and hinders the development of confidence that comes with the ability to trust yourself and your judgement.

In closing, cycling has incredible health benefits for children. Allowing your children to go bike riding can help with physical, emotional, and mental development, as well as providing opportunities for the growth of confidence as well as decision-making skills. If the thought of falls has you worried, consider investing in bike helmets. You can also research and choose the best protective bike gear for kids online, which helps eliminate these kinds of worries.

Lynn Joesph