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New rules on Canada immigration– What’s the target for 2018?

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You must be aware of the fact that Canada is one among the most popular immigration destinations for the potential immigrants throughout the world. This is the reason behind so many people applying for immigrating to Canada every year. Among the many that apply for Canada immigration, there are just handfuls that are selected and the main reason behind this small number is that majority of them are too casual and hence they don’t follow the rules in a stringent manner. Due to this, they end up offering inappropriate details which lead to an inevitable rejection. There are few cases where people have been kept from applying for the next 5 years.

How to apply for a Canada visa
If you wish to avert such a situation and go about a smooth process of Canada visa application, the wisest step to take is to seek help of a professional and reputable immigration agency. Simultaneously, it won’t hurt you to get a grip on the general information on the process of immigration and the rule which set an impact on them. Read on to know more

Canada immigration rules of 2018 for a permanent resident – What Indians should know
AGE: As per the latest rules for immigrating to Canada, any one in between the age of 18 and 65 years will be able to apply for immigration to this place. Previously, the criteria would be 21 and 65 years but now due to the growing immigration trends in Canada, the rules were altered to include more people. Henceforth, people who are keen to move to Canada, they should immediately apply as soon as they fall within the range.

EDUCATION: As the IRCC is eager to bring more people to Canada so that they can start off with contributing to the Canadian economy, there has been brought about lots of changes to Canada immigration. Anyone who has got a high school diploma will be able to enter Canada and become a permanent resident. In case of the Indians, it is best to get a Master’s Degree since this will help the applicant to find out a good job.

LANGUAGE SPEAKING ABILITIES: Language is one of those vital factors while looking forward to migrating or traveling to another country and there’s no exception about Canada. A person should be well-acquainted with the language of a country in order to be able to conduct a business or work there. You just require scoring a CLB 7 for getting through immigration. Nevertheless, people are advised to achieve an IELTS score more than CLB 9 for maximizing their potential for earning profits.

ADAPTABILITY: One among the most common reasons for the gaining momentum of Canada immigration program is that it allows the families to migrate and stay along with each other. According the current changes in rules, people who already have a family residing in Canada will get added points on their profile.

Therefore, now that you’re well-versed with the ways in which you can immigrate to Canada and you’re sure about the new rules, take steps to get an ETA Canada and begin the process.

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