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Maintaining Values as a Christian Business Leader

Wed, Sep. 13, 2017 Posted: 03:29 AM

There are some Christians who make great business leaders but feel guilty about going into business rather than dedicating their lives to the church. However, many would argue that becoming a business leader is something that is commendable in the eyes of God because it can do so much good. Of course, as a Christian, you need to ensure that you operate a business with honesty and integrity as well as maintaining high values. By running the right kind of business in the right way, you can help many other people, which is something that most Christians are keen to do.

Making sure you have strong values

Ensuring you implement and maintain strong values as a business leader is important. This means making sure that your staff are treated well, that you provide them with fair pay, and that your clients and customers are treated well. Things such as transparency, honesty, and integrity are vital for any Christian business leader.

The type of business you run also makes a difference. You can work wonders for other people by running the right sort of business. For example, you may decide upon a business that provides care and support for others who need it. You may start a business that is able to provide those who have health issues with valuable tools such as a medical alert system. Running a business that can provide services or products to improve the quality of other people’s lives can provide you with an immense sense of satisfaction.

Of course, the other thing to consider is the opportunities that you will be providing for other people. The unemployment rate is high and those who struggle to get jobs also struggle financially and with most other areas of their lives. By starting your own business, you are able to provide people with employment opportunities. This enables them to benefit from greater independence, financial stability, and a far higher quality of life.

The values that you implement as a business leader should not just be targeted at one particular group such as the customer. These values should extend to everyone involved in the business including your employees, outside agencies that you may deal with, clients, and customers. Integrity and strong values will gain you respect and will enable you to help others. You can even get your business involved in charity events and fundraising, which means that you can do even more good for the community and for those in need.

Mankind was designed to work and this is something that is respected by the church. Someone that works hard to provide for their loved ones, supports and helps others through their work, and operates with honesty and integrity can do a great deal of good for society. The provision of meaningful work for others, the provision of goods and services that can help others, and involvement in good causes means that your business can provide help and support for others.

Lynn Joesph