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The Temptations Faced by Younger Christians in Today’s Society

Wed, Sep. 27, 2017 Posted: 02:05 AM

Temptation is something that poses a risk to all of us, no matter what our age and background. However, for younger people temptation can be even more of a problem with a wide range of factors that play a part in this. Younger Christians face a lot of peer pressure from those with mix with at school, college, and work. As a result of this, they are often constantly faced with temptation and have to exercise real strength in order to continue on the right path.

With so much pressure and temptation to deal with, life can be challenging for the average young Christian. Many young people these days are battling all sorts of problems ranging from alcohol and drug addiction through to porn addiction. Of course, young Christians cannot pick and choose who they mix with at work or during education, as they are simply thrown into the mix with everyone else. This then means that they are spending large amounts of time with people that may be struggling with such addictions.

Some of the main problems that younger Christians have to deal with

It is important as the parent of a younger Christian to be aware of the variety of temptations and issues that they may face on a day to day basis. Alcohol consumption amongst young adults these days is rife, with many not only drinking regularly but drinking way more than they should. Many younger people not only head to bars to drink but also drink at home or even outdoors depending on their level of addiction.

Drugs are also readily available these days for those who know where to look. Many younger people use drugs such as marijuana and in states where this becomes legalized this could become an even bigger issue. However, there are also those that use hard drugs that can prove deadly such as cocaine and heroin. Some younger people get caught up in the world of hard drugs without even realizing it, which poses a real issue for young Christians who are constantly faced with peer pressure.

Porn, smoking, sexual activity and gambling are just some of the many other addictions that can affect younger people these days. It means that younger Christians have to display real strength of character and determination in order to ensure they do not get caught up in this type of cycle. This is easier said than done if all of their peers and friends are engaged in addictive and even illegal activities.

It is always a good idea for Christian parents to instill the right values into their children from an early age. We’ve all heard about the alarming rate of some addictions on channels such as CNN News Live. Raising awareness about the dangers of such addictions can help them to make more informed decisions when they are at school or college. They are far less likely to be pressured into doing things such as this if they have a good knowledge and understanding of the problems and issues that they can create.

Lynn Joesph