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The Top Mobile Games Of 2017 And Future Releases

Wed, Feb. 22, 2017 Posted: 02:20 AM

Over the course of several years, the mobile video game industry has grown larger and larger. Several major companies have managed to find enormous success in the industry. This includes Glu Mobile, Electronic Arts and many others. Nonetheless, the market is minor and small in stature compared to the console gaming scene. While console video games are designed for staunch gamers, mobile games tend to attract those that only play games casually. Despite the smaller fan base, some mobile games have managed to accumulate enormous earnings. Below, you will discover the top mobile games that are scheduled to be released in the coming year.

Animal Crossing App
During the past few months, Nintendo has managed to regain traction in the video game industry. After the terrible launch of the Wii U, the company has figured out a way to turn things around. The 3DS has remained popular and the company’s NES Classic Edition Console has already sold more than 1.5 million units! More importantly, Nintendo has found success in the mobile market. The launches of Pokémon Go and Super Mario Run have proven that Nintendo can indeed succeed on the smaller screen. Of course, gamers are eager to get their hands on the upcoming Animal Crossing Mobile game. Unfortunately, the title has been delayed several times.

Nintendo expects to launch the title sometime later this year. Until then, gamers will need to cross their fingers and hope Nintendo irons out all of the game’s glitches.

Taylor Swift Mobile Game
Earlier in 2016, it was announced that Taylor Swift would soon be getting a mobile game in her honor. The pop princess has decided to team up with Glu Mobile to bring her likeness to the small screen. Those that know how to trace the caller will agree immediately that Glu Mobile’s recent releases have been hit and miss. The company’s Katy Perry Pop was a major flop. However, the company managed to bring in millions with the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood title. Swift, who has more than 220 million social followers, could easily double the revenue accumulated by the Kardashian title.

If Glu Mobile is able to avoid a glitch-filled game, the upcoming Taylor Swift mobile game could prove to be the most successful mobile game of 2017! A release date has not been confirmed.

Star Wars Force Arena
Star Wars Force Arena has definitely too precedence in the online video gaming world. The multiplayer online battle arena was released earlier this year and has already impressed thousands of players. It features the original Star Wars characters, as close as you can get, with vehicles and other similar props.

Remedy Rush
Remedy Rush features the toxins that will make you grossly ill. You will need to put your skills to work, concocting something different in every turn. The game is definitely a head turner, giving players an opportunity to defeat diseases, before they consume your entire body. However, to be successful you will need be quick and witty.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition
Minecraft has always been a popular game that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people. Minecraft puts players in a giant world where they mine ores, build structures, fight bad guys, and do a ton of other things. There is also a survival mode available that allows users to mine their own resources and food. Along with this, there is an experimental mode that allots users unlimited resources and food, so they can explore the world of Minecraft.

Lynn Joesph