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Personal Finance Habits Which Glorify God

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When Christians talk about money, it’s often with a sense that it’s a worldly topic, one which is not worth so much of our attention. And while it’s certainly possible to be too preoccupied with your bank account, it’s also unwise to ignore your personal finances entirely. The Bible is full of references to people who used money wisely, with the book of Proverbs as one of the most frequently cited examples. What’s more, if we simply use our common sense, it’s easy to see why sound personal finances might be glorifying to God.

1) Christians Can Be More Charitable. When your finances are in order, when you aren’t in debt, when you have investments that are growing, when your bills are covered, when you have plenty of money in savings - all of these situations make you more able to help those in need. Charitable giving has always been an essential element of the Christian life, whether through the church, face-to-face with someone in need, or through an organization you trust. Building wealth isn’t all about developing a more independent and comfortable life. Sometimes, we need to use our wealth to spread the love of God to others.

2) Sound Personal Finances Are a Good Witness. When our spending and debt habits are out of control, it’s easy to send the wrong message to non-believers about the Christian life. The Bible calls us to be sensible with our money, to work hard for what we earn, and to not live in a manner than we cannot sustain financially. When we step outside of these boundaries, we start to look like these commandments don’t apply to us. What’s more, when a Christian’s financial life is a mess because of foolish decisions and uncontrolled habits, this paints a very bad picture for those outside the flock.

3) Controlling Your Finances is a Good Work. People who have money troubles often talk about the faith they must have in God. But remember, “faith without works is dead”. Getting your finances under control is a worldly act in one sense, but it’s also an application of wisdom that has been given to us by God. The Lord calls us to be careful stewards of the blessings we have been given. Without managing our money in a prudent fashion, we aren’t obeying this important teaching from Scripture.

4) Sound Finances Help Build Strong Families. The Bible is full of entreaties to parents to raise their children in a Christlike environment. For reasons we’ve already discussed, using money irresponsibly will almost always create an environment that isn’t the best for a child’s spiritual development. Poor finances bring stress and strife into the home. Poor finances make us reliant on debt, which is not a biblical principle at all. Practicing sound finances, drawn both from the word of God and from the biblical top finance blogs on the internet, is also a great teaching opportunity for children. When kids grow up with good financial habits, this is a great asset to their future development. There are so many major problems and missteps that can grow out of poor money control. Starting kids off right in this regard will help them for many years to come to glorify God.

Many Christians don’t want to spend much time thinking about money. But in reality, money is part of the world we live in and is an indispensable part of our lives. As such, it’s important not to worship money or to trust in it too much, but to manage it wisely and to use the blessings that come from it for the glory of God.

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