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Is Online Gaming a Healthy Pastime for Christians?

Wed, Sep. 07, 2016 Posted: 12:48 AM

Online gaming is an activity that has become very popular over recent years and for a variety of different reasons. More and more people, particularly younger ones, are now spending their time on their computers or mobile devices to enjoy a range of online games. There are many different games to choose from, which makes this type of entertainment all the more popular.

With more people now having access to mobile devices, PCs, and high speed internet, online gaming as become a favorite form of entertainment for many people. But is this a healthy pastime for Christians to enjoy?

Enjoying the right games as a Christian

The answer to this question is that online gaming is a perfectly acceptable pastime that is enjoyed by many Christians of all ages. There is no gambling involved in regular games, so this isn’t an issue. The only thing that many Christians are mindful of is the type of games that they are playing. For instance, playing games that condone violence and theft are not the best choice but games such as Happy Wheels, which is on the freegames66 platform, is perfectly fine.

Online gaming provides a healthy form of entertainment that can keep people busy and happy at home or while on the go, which is fine. It can be enjoyed by friends together in multi-player games or alone with single player ones. As long as you are careful with your choice of games, you can look forward to excitement and entertainment without even having to leave your home.

Of course, one thing to bear in mind is that Christians – or any person – should not devote huge amounts of time to gaming. It is an acceptable and fun pastime but people can become addicted to this type of entertainment, which is something that you need to avoid. You therefore need to ensure that you do not fritter your life away glued to a computer or mobile screen playing games when you should be living your life, interacting with others, and making the most of your life.

Of course, you will see many articles that tell you playing online games is bad if you want to be a good Christian. However, like anything else playing games that do not condone any sort of undesirable behavior is fine when in moderation. Of course, you don’t want to become addicted to gaming or to anything else, which is why you need to exercise self control with this type of activity. You have to ensure that you live your life, work hard, and work towards a better future for yourself. However, we all need to take time out and playing video games for short period or on occasion is a release that helps many Christians.

So, if you want to engage in online gaming as a Christian, all you need to do is ensure that you do not devote all of your time to it and that you are playing the right games.

Lynn Joesph