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Posted 10/21/17 at 12:55 PM | Mark John


What constitutes a “hit and run” charge and what can I do about it if I am charged with the crime of ”hit and run”? California Vehicle Code Section 20002(a) says: “The driver of any vehicle involved in an accident resulting only in damage to any property, including vehicles, shall immediately stop the vehicle at the nearest location that will not impede traffic… (and shall) locate and notify the owner or person in charge of that property of the name and address of the driver and owner of the vehicle involved and, upon locating the driver of any other vehicle involved or the owner or person in charge of any damaged property, upon being requested, present his or her driver’s license, and vehicle registration, to the other driver, or property owner…The information presented shall include the current residence address of the driver and of the registered owner.”

The statute also says: “Leave in a conspicuous place on the vehicle or other property damaged a written notice giving the name and address of the driver and of the owner of the vehicle involved and a statement of the circumstances thereof and shall without unnecessary delay notify the police department of the city wherein the collision occurred…” FULL POST

Posted 10/21/17 at 12:53 PM | Mark John

What are my employment rights after suffering a work injury?

Have you been injured on the job? Are you currently on leave for a workers’ compensation claim and want to know your rights about returning to work? Below is some information about your rights pertaining to your occupational-related injury and some tips to help you navigate through the process of returning to work?

It is illegal to discriminate against those have been injured on the job. The California Fair Employment Housing Act (“FEHA”) protects injured workers from being discriminated against by their employer. California’s definition of disability is “conditions that limit a major life activity, including physical and mental disabilities, as well as medical conditions.” Fortunately, this definition offers more protection to employees than the Federal definition of employment. Some examples of major life activities include seeing, hearing, walking, standing, lifting, and bending.

Additionally, an injury that may not seem like a “disability” to you may be seen as a “disability” by an employer as it affects your ability to perform the required tasks. For example, if you amputated two of your fingers during a work-related injury and you are a secretary that is required to type for 90% of the time, your employer may see your injury as a “disability” under the FEHA’s definition since you are permanently impaired from performing clerical duties such as typing. On the other hand, if your injury is not a “disability” as defined by FEHA, you do not have the same rights as those who are deemed “disabled,” and your employer is not required to provide reasonable accommodation for you upon your return to work. FULL POST

Posted 9/12/17 at 7:23 AM | Mark John

5 Ways Businesses Can Help Communities Prosper

Recent changes in the way businesses interact with their customers have facilitated a new dynamic that encourages engagement, and close cooperation with the business sector. The impersonal nature of big business has largely been done away with, in favour of closer cooperation between the corporate sector and the private sector. Nowadays, partnerships are being built on a local, regional, and state level. These local businesses offer many benefits that big business simply cannot compete with, by providing the personal touch that is so lacking in large multinational corporations.

Businesses can assist communities in a myriad of ways. Our listing includes 5 of the most effective ways that business and community can enjoy a harmonious, symbiotic relationship:

1. Whether you are self-employed, or working for a company, you will appreciate the value of a health care plan for you and your family. The business sector is best positioned to offer these services to families, and individuals. President Barack Obama pushed through Obamacare as an affordable way (at the time) for Americans to be insured against medical illness, existing conditions, and medical emergency. Employers are mandated by law to provide healthcare benefits to full-time employees, and this is extremely beneficial to the well-being of communities. While the costs are frowned upon, and coverage is somewhat limited, this is still the lesser of two evils that exists in society. Until the Trump administration conjures up a plan with wide-ranging support, Obamacare is the law of the land. FULL POST

Posted 9/11/17 at 5:04 AM | Mark John

Strengthening Unity Between Couples and Singles At Church

There is a push for Christian churches to do better at including singles in activities. Author Gina Dalfonzo has written a book with the purpose of helping churches do better at the inclusion of single adults.

While churches offer many activities for couples and families, there are fewer (if any) opportunities or services aimed at the single population. And this can have an adverse effect, causing singles to feel alienated from their place of worship and their communities.

The following suggestions will help your church become a more welcoming place to singles and couples alike.

1. Realize that relationships have shifted dramatically
Adults are marrying later and having children later than they were 10 or 20 years ago. Some singles would prefer to work on their relationship with themselves, God, and their careers first. Some singles have found themselves single due to divorce or death against their wishes. There are an infinite number of reasons why a person might be single, and accepting their current life state rather than trying to fix or help them is the most important thing we can do. The New Testament has a high view of singleness (some of the many great saints never married!) FULL POST

Posted 8/28/17 at 1:18 PM | Mark John

Top Trading Opportunities for Gold Bugs

The price of gold has steadily been rising towards the end of August. Currently hovering at the $1,300 per ounce level, the price of gold has gained on growing uncertainty in stock markets. The Dow Jones, S&P 500 Index, Nasdaq Composite Index, and NYSE have performed sub-optimally in August, with 1-month declines across all indices including the Dow Jones. Gold naturally benefits from this uncertainty and it has rallied accordingly.

• On August 1, 2017, the Dow Jones was trading at 21,963.92 and by August 28, 2017 was at 21,843.15.
• On August 1, 2017, the S&P 500 Index was trading at 2,476.35 and by August 28 was trading at 2,443.05.
• On August 1, 2017, the NASDAQ Composite Index was trading at 6,362.94 and by August 28 was trading at 6,278.31.
• On August 1, 2017, the NYSE was trading at 12,000.02 and by August 28 was trading at 11, 812.03.

The performance of gold is inversely correlated with the performance of equities markets. As a case in point, gold was trading at $1,298.00 per ounce on August 28, 2017 – for a 30-day gain of 2.04%. On Friday 28 July 2017 gold was trading at $1,268.40 per ounce and the precious metal has appreciated by $30 per ounce over the month. The sharp rise in the gold price is a result of several geopolitical factors, namely escalating tensions with North Korea and the US. Additionally, there are growing concerns about the inefficacy of the Trump Presidency. As the White House battles to find its way – opponents are seizing on the difficulties to delegitimize the Trump administration with a barrage of scathing media attacks. FULL POST

Posted 8/27/17 at 1:16 PM | Mark John

Get a Fresh Financial Start With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

No one ever plans for bankruptcy, but life's circumstances can get in the way of our finances. A medical emergency, lost job or many other unexpected events can cause your financial troubles to spiral out of control. Making the choice to go into bankruptcy may be an answer to your problems. Through bankruptcy, you can prevent repossessions, stop a foreclosure, creditor harassment and alleviate the burden of your debt.

Proverbs 6:5 talks about a bird's freedom from the snare of a fowler. This verse can be likened to debt. Just like the bird who gets more entwined in a trap, you too can fall deeper into debt, even when you are doing your best to come out of it.
Debt can keep us awake at night, can cause us to spend more time worrying than praying. It creates an unhealthy environment in many homes, but this can be avoided by taking one bold step to become debt free.

Why You Should Choose Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

When people talk about filing for bankruptcy, they are referring to Chapter 7. That’s because it is the most straightforward and common type of bankruptcy.

Not everyone can file for Chapter 7, there is an eligibility criterion which you must meet before your application can be put through. For example, your income cannot be over a certain amount, you cannot have previously filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy in the last eight years, or else the courts will dismiss your case. Typically, Chapter 7 bankruptcy will work best for people who: FULL POST

Posted 8/14/17 at 4:14 AM | Mark John

Ten Ways To Promote Your Digestive Health

Your digestive system is responsible for breaking down the foods that you consume into nutrients and molecules that your body needs. When you neglect your digestive health, you can begin to experience a number of problems, including digestive disturbances, bloating, nutritional deficiencies and trouble digesting food. Let's take a look at ten ways that can promote your digestive health to ensure that it runs efficiently and you remain healthy.

1. Dietary supplements – A supplement specially formulated to promote digestive health will contain antioxidants to help counteract free radicals and inflammation. There are many essential oils like clove oil, thyme oil and oregano oil that can kill parasites, improve circulation, decrease inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and increase digestive enzymes and digestive juices in the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Drink plenty of fluids – One of the most important things you can do to improve your digestive health is to ensure you remain properly hydrated. Your digestive tract needs plenty of fluids to function properly. The fiber you eat pulls water from the colon to create bulkier and softer stools which are easier to pass. FULL POST

Posted 8/8/17 at 5:35 AM | Mark John

Answer these 4 Simple Questions Before You Blow Out Your Emergency Fund

An emergency savings fund is smart financial tool that can keep you out of debt, help you sort out emergencies, and reduce your financial worries. If you have an emergency savings funds, you are definitely on a higher rung of the financial ladder than people who live from paycheck to paycheck. However, having an emergency savings fund is only half the battle, the real problem is knowing how to identify expenses that qualify as a true emergency.

For instance, someone might consider an impromptu party an emergency that warrants taking money out of the fund to buy a new dress. To another person, a sudden breakdown in the washing machine is an emergency that warrants taking money to buy a new washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher. Unfortunately, if you don't identify real emergencies, you'll blow out your emergency fund on quasi-emergencies and you'll be left cash-stranded when a real emergency emerges. This piece provides four question you should answer before you take money out of your emergency savings fund. FULL POST

Posted 7/27/17 at 4:04 AM | Mark John

Wedding Gift Ideas- How to Make an Unforgettable Mark with Personalized Wedding Gifts

A good wedding usually involves more than just the partying and fun that comes with it- it is a time when special memories are created and these memories are meant to last for an entire lifetime. Even though the main focus is always going to be on the bride and the bridegroom, they are not the only ones who carry good memories away from the weddings and the people involved, especially friends, relatives and other invited guests also get to share in the same. So, naturally, if you have been invited to a wedding then you want to bring with you a special gift that the wedding couple is going to remember for the rest of their lives, or at least for most of it.

Choosing the right wedding gift is almost always a tough decision especially for people who are not quite used to doing this kind of thing. Of course if you are a billionaire then you could just spend a couple of millions on anything and still make an unforgettable mark. But, if you are like the rest of us then you might want to look for something that is a little less expensive and yet just as hard to forget. Personalized wedding gifts can help you achieve this.

By definition, personalized gifts are gifts that have been specifically made or designed and then customized to suit just a specific person or people. So a personalized wedding gift is a wedding gift customized just for the wedding couple. It has to be something that will hold a special meaning, message or thought that the couple will remember for years, or even decades, to come even though the same gift may not necessarily be of any value at all to a different couple. FULL POST

Posted 7/17/17 at 8:14 AM | Mark John

8 Tips for Successful Business Plan Writing

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often wonder what the key is to write a successful business plan. Obvious mistakes and omissions are quite common - especially for the first business business writer how to write a business plan they do not know. Fortunately, these mistakes are easy to avoid. Here are eight tips to help you write a business plan like a pro! I want to thank you for checking out my Free Online Surveys For Money . The internet is expanding vastly, and so are online professions. Blogging and YouTube are all professions based only on the online community. There are plenty other options too. Affiliate marketing, online advertising and product endorsements

1. Start with the end in mind - In Alice in the country said the Cheshire Cat Alice: "If you do not know where you are going, a path will take you there." The same goes for your business and your business plan - If you do not have a goal, you do not need a plan.

You already know the importance of a business plan, so sit back and outline your goals before you start writing it. Where should the company be in five years? What is the mission of the company? Do you want a great company, or just live comfortably and pay bills? Would you like to be your company finally acquired? When answering questions like these, and beginning with the end in mind, you should focus your business plan in the right direction in the situation.

2. Learn about your customers through market research - You might think you know your customers, but are you actually sitting down to talk to them? You may be the coolest widget in the world to create, but if no one wants your widgets fresh, your business is going to be a failure. Talk to your customers. Surveys. Lead groups. Find out where customers fail to meet their needs and build a product that meets these needs. A little research can go a long way. FULL POST

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