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Posted 6/21/17 at 6:40 AM | Mark John

3 Rules for getting the Best Price on Anything

Consumer debt is real because people usually borrow money to buy essentials and non-essentials. People who fund their lifestyle with debt can naturally expect financial troubles down the road. However, many people still end up struggling to get by financially even though they are not spending money on non-essentials.

If you spend more than necessary on the essentials, you'll always have a shortage of funds to cover your expenses. However, many people are not versed in the art of negotiations and they usually end up paying more than necessary. This piece covers three rules that can help you become an astute negotiator to get the best price possible on just about anything.

Know what you are talking about

The first negotiating rule that could help you get the best price on anything you want to buy is to know what you are talking about. You need to understand some important things about the product/service; otherwise, you'll be negotiating blindly. For instance, you need to know how much the competitors of your seller are asking for similar products/services. It could also help your cause to know have an idea of the cost price of the product in order to anticipate a selling price that still gives the seller a fair profit margin. FULL POST

Posted 5/11/17 at 4:42 AM | Mark John

Fun Ideas For Summer Bible Camp

Summer is fast approaching and thousands of churches across the nation will be gearing up for their annual Summer Bible Camps. For kids across the country, summer bible camp is often one of the highlights of the year. It’s important to make sure your camp is as fun and engaging as possible — it will ensure participants get the most out of the experience and come back next year hungry for more! This article will give a brief overview of a few ideas that will help make sure your Summer Bible Camp is as fun as possible.

Inclusive On-Stage Play

Elementary school children at your camp will love to feel involved in everything. Have camp attendees participate in a play (or series of plays) that will help kids be creative and inclusive with their fellow camp friends. Divide children up by age and have them choose their favorite Bible story — allow them the creative license to act and illustrate the scene the way they want to. Make sure the script has been organized, roles have been chosen, and the play has been rehearsed. Then have each group act out their play in front of the whole camp. By dividing children into groups you can ensure that every camp attendant plays an active role in their production. FULL POST

Posted 5/11/17 at 4:40 AM | Mark John

Cork Stopper Crafts Your Little Ones Will Love

School summer vacation is almost upon us and it’s time to start thinking about keeping your kids entertained throughout the break. One way to keep your kids busy through the summer holiday is to organize a craft day each week —make sure you have a unique and well thought out craft idea for each individual week. In this article, we will outline some awesome and affordable ways you can use cork stoppers to make creative crafts with your children this summer.

Little Creatures

This is one of the most simple cork stopper crafts on our list —it’s easy for you to prepare and easy for your child to make. You’ll want the following: cork stoppers, glue, cut up fabric, cotton balls, and soft paint. Choose a little creature that your child would like to make out of a cork stopper and paint it the appropriate color. You can then add on fabric using glue. Feel free to add any other small decorations you can think of such as glitter or artificial fur. Use a cotton ball to create a head for your creature —you can draw or paint on necessary facial features. One of the most popular little creatures to make is a bumble bee, but you can make any insect out of a cork stopper, including a grasshopper or a butterfly. People also enjoy making seasonal creatures such as penguins or snowmen. FULL POST

Posted 4/25/17 at 3:07 AM | Mark John

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys and secrete a number of hormones.These include–

  • Cortisol - that helps regulate blood pressure, glucose levels and the metabolism of fats, carbs and proteins.
  • Aldosterone - that regulates electrolyte levels in the body and maintain blood pressure.
  • DHEA and Androgenic Steroids that are used as precursors for sex hormones in both men (androgen) and women (estrogen).
  • Adrenaline and Norepinephrine that helps the body cope with mental and physical stress, improve blood flow, relax muscles and regulate metabolism.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue occurs when acute or chronic stress or illness causes the adrenal glands to be overworked. Over time, the adrenal glands cannot keep up with the demands of stress on the body, causing a multitude of unpleasant symptoms.Adrenal fatigue is much more than tiredness. The symptoms of adrenal fatigue can affect every system in the body. When you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, changes on the cellular level take place as the body tries to compensate for a decrease in hormones. Unfortunately, this can contribute to thyroid problems as these two hormones producing glands are inextricably linked. As adrenal fatigue continues to get worse, you can develop insulin resistance and begin suffering from Metabolic Syndrome, which can lead to type 2 diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Hormonal balance is extremely important as one endocrine disorder can lead to other endocrine disorders. Therefore, it is essential that you know the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Let’s look at the most common symptoms as well as some of the lesser known symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue. FULL POST

Posted 4/22/17 at 4:42 AM | Mark John

7 Anger Management Tips For Better Living

Is it not easy to get overwhelmed nowadays ?? In this day and age of fast paced lives we have almost lost touch with inner peace that leads to deteriorating emotional balance. You will most probably find people who nag about things all the time and there is this one colleague whom you cannot stand to be with ?? But the fact is does anger solve any purpose on it's own. It is only a defensive mechanism that we use to get over our excuses and inability to deal with life situations. But that does that mean that getting angry is a bad thing, but it is definitely counter productive ( you realize that most of the blabbering won't get things done ). Here are some good anger management tips with a hint of humor that you can adapt for better living !

Write all your issues down and see what you can do about it

This idea might not seem to be very liberating in the day and anger of social media interactions, but this infact is a great anger management technique. You can simply write down all your problems down and observe, if not examine what you can do about it. More often then not, acknowledgment of problems is the only way you can get over them. Either you will do something about it if you have to and if you can't then no need to worry about it anyway. FULL POST

Posted 4/13/17 at 3:54 AM | Mark John

Find Aspects to Consider While Going For Debt Consolidations

Adam Smith once quoted that a man’s real happiness lies in good health, no debt, and a clear conscience. This quote will undoubtedly advise you not to get trapped in debts. But if you are already in gigantic debts, then let us find an immensely satisfying way out of it. Debt consolidation has been known as a solution to several loans. Every coin has two sides, so does debt consolidation. Popular myth in debt consolidation is that it saves interest and you get to pay only one smaller payment. But the truth being debt consolidation is perilous since people treat only the symptom.


Debt consolidation is actually a swindle because it makes you think that you have done something about the problem, but actually the debt is still there and now has increased to a new level. You can’t use any shortcut way out of any debt. A very renowned financial author says that debt is not a problem but a symptom. Since debt is a symptom of overspending and less saving. If you ask any financial expert he won’t recommend Debt Consolidation Loans for any of his clients. Do you know why? As debt consolidation doesn’t in reality targets the root problem and fails to work.

Posted 3/30/17 at 12:14 PM | Mark John

Multibillion Dollar Businesses Show Their Support for Christianity

Most budding entrepreneurs have been taught to keep religionout of business if they want to avoid alienating customers. This practicegenerally helps to reach wider audiences and convince more people to use certain products and services. However, some business owners choose to extend what they believe in to all areas of their lives including their work.

Christian businesses can sometimes receive backlash for publicly supporting their faith, and it can be a risky decision to allow religion to mingle with your career. Even thoughmost heed the informal rule of keeping religion out of business, many entrepreneurs continue to be highly successful while showing the world what they believe in.

Multibillion dollar companies like Jet Blue, Forever 21, and Hobby Lobby make plenty of income without having to sacrifice their commitment to their faith. Even Fortune 500 companies, like Marriott International, keep religion in their businessesand let their patrons know that they firmly believe in Christ.Although these businesses may not exclusively offer products or services related to Christianity, they still find small ways to incorporate their faith. FULL POST

Posted 3/28/17 at 11:59 AM | Mark John

4 Grеаt Things tо Likе Abоut the Infinitу Dresses

The infinitу dress (also called соnvеrtiblе drеѕѕ) is оnе of thе hоttеѕt drеѕѕ tуреѕ оf the season. Thеу аrе great fоr plenty оf formal оссаѕiоnѕ аnd great аѕ сосktаil dresses, еvеning drеѕѕеѕ, оr convertible bridesmaids dresses. Alѕо, thiѕ style оf drеѕѕ is great for еvеrуdау wear and реrfесt for the women that are planning оn going оut in the evening after a lоng dау аt work. Infinitу drеѕѕеѕ соmе in a widе range of соlоrѕ that are easily intеrtwinеd tо create the desired lооk to mаtсh the specific event or оссаѕiоn.It also comes in different sizes.There are various Plus size infinity dresses for plus size women. Hеrе are fоur оf thе thingѕ tо love аbоut this ѕtуlе of drеѕѕ:

Bridesmaids lооk uniquе
Onе of thе mоѕt рорulаr uѕеѕ fоr thiѕ ѕtуlе оf оutfit iѕ the versatile options thаt соmе with thе bridеѕmаid соnvеrtiblе drеѕѕеѕ. This style оf drеѕѕ mаkеѕ it possible for еасh оf thе bridеѕmаidѕ tо hаvе thе еxасt same соlоr оf drеѕѕ, but it iѕ роѕѕiblе to easily сrеаtе the mоѕt uniԛuе look bу ѕtуling in diffеrеnt wауѕ. Pluѕ, thiѕ has thе рrасtiсаl benefit оf сuѕtоmizing the drеѕѕ to fully соmрlеmеnt thе diffеrеnt size аnd ѕhаре of bridеѕmаid.

Different ѕtуlе skirts
Thе infinitу drеѕѕ is available in plenty оf ѕtуlеѕ, with floor lеngth, tеа length, high-lоw, ruffled аnd ѕtrаight рорulаr choices. Thе саѕсаdе drеѕѕ is dеѕignеd with a high frоnt hemline with a lоwеr hemline at the rеаr. Many of these dresses givе the орtiоn to dесidе оn thе front lеngth, so it саn bе аѕ rеvеаling аѕ уоu likе. Additionally, the drеѕѕ саn inсludе еxtrаѕ ѕuсh аѕ thе bandeau whiсh forms раrt оf thе drеѕѕ аnd helps tо givе lаdiеѕ extra support under thе infinity dress. FULL POST

Posted 3/23/17 at 2:56 AM | Mark John

5 Considerations For Throwing Your Next Office Party

Office parties can be a boom or a bust, and unfortunately, many of us have suffered through more than a few busts. It is a challenging and delicate balance to get colleagues together in an enjoyable social capacity, but it can be done.

Here are 5 considerations for throwing your next office party to ensure your next event is a boom!

1. Determine the objective—and make it clear

When planning your next office social event, make sure the goal and objective of the event is clear to those attending. Don’t leave your colleagues wondering:
● Is it a closed-invitation, employees-only party?
● Are plus-ones invited?
● Should I leave the kids at home?
● Is this event strictly social, or are we forming a brain trust for the next annual conference?
● Is attendance optional or mandatory?
● Am I expected to present an update or pitch?
● Will there be team-building exercises?
● How long will the party be?
● What is the attire?

The party invitation should make the objective clear and answer all of the above questions. That way, attendees can make informed decisions and can arrive feeling certain about their role and the expectations of the event. FULL POST

Posted 3/9/17 at 1:02 PM | Mark John

Professional Business Plan Writer Should You Hire One

Therefore, you may think about looking for help. One of the many ways you can ask for help a business plan in developing the help of a specialist. In this case, the professional is often referred to as a professional business plan writer.

Before considering whether to hire the services of a professional business plan writer, you may want to know exactly what it is. A professional business plan author is a person who writes business plans to their clients. In most cases, you will find that these people should be experienced, professional authors. In all honestly writing something, even a business, it is an expression that makes the difference in the world. Therefore, a large number of people turn into the shoes to consult professional authors.

When it comes to the authors professional business plan, you will find that different authors will find different tasks. For example, a large number of professional business plan authors take their ideas that have already been developed and submit them to a professional matter. There are also professional search engine marketing business plan authors who work with you to develop a plan. As more work and time to help you go to develop the ideal business plan for the emerging business, you are likely to find that the services of this type of writer cost more than the traditional. FULL POST

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