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3 Ways to Spice up a Boring Essay

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Ever read a story or a novel or anything in general and there comes a time in between the reading where you think to yourself “the story would have been good if the writer wrote it this way” or “they could’ve cut the news short and got the point”? As much as you hate writing your college essays, your teacher who you believe loves to read your work; actually hate it as much as you do, or even more! Now think of your teacher, tired from the day at school, finally getting a chance to grab a seat at home but that again with a pile of 30 or 40 essays to grade. It’s not entirely his/her fault if you score a “B for a boring essay”. After all, we are all human.

But there are ways in which you can spice up an essay on a boring topic, like not literally adding garlic and ginger but by using the right choice of words. Here are some of them.

1. Question!

It is a trait of the human mind to feel curious and find answers to things that it does not understand. Our mind tends to cling to the questions until we find correct or at least satisfactory answers and so adding questions to your essay can be fat bait for the curious mind. Instead of merely stating the facts that can put anyone to sleep; try to build interest by adding questions that would force the reader to think of the answer.
Here is an example:

Either you can straightaway write “the world war II happened between the Axis powers (Germany, Japan, Italy, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria) and Allies (Britain, U.S, Canada, China etc)”or you can start off with a question like “do you know how and which different countries of the world joined hands in the interplay of power that lead to the world war II?” and then answer the question.

2. Do not repeat. I repeat!

How would you feel eating the same sandwich for breakfast, dinner and lunch? Or wearing the same clothes to every birthday party? (also note how these questions piqued your interest to think of this torturous idea as referred in the first point) you will start feeling bored and annoyed at one point. Same is the case with everything in life. Monotony is boring and so it happens while reading. Having to read the same word or line over and over again in a piece of writing makes it uninteresting. Repetition annoys the brain and so our brain starts diverting. Avoid repeating the same information or words again and again.

3. Write it from a reader’s perspective

Ever heard of “put yourself in his/her shoes”? It is in fact a great way to think of a reader’s perspective before you sit down to write something. Do not just open up your laptop and start writing without putting a second thought. Think it through. Think of what you would like to read? What would you want to know? What is it that loosens your interest? What is that something that you look for when you buy a new book or read an article? And this exercise will change your entire perception of writing.

Do not feel like a victim that has to throw an assignment onto the reader’s face; (trust me I know the feel) instead empathize and sympathize with the one who has to read for whatsoever purposes.
You can do all of above or you can just dial the number and order your oven fresh pizza right-away!

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