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7 Anger Management Tips For Better Living

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Is it not easy to get overwhelmed nowadays ?? In this day and age of fast paced lives we have almost lost touch with inner peace that leads to deteriorating emotional balance. You will most probably find people who nag about things all the time and there is this one colleague whom you cannot stand to be with ?? But the fact is does anger solve any purpose on it's own. It is only a defensive mechanism that we use to get over our excuses and inability to deal with life situations. But that does that mean that getting angry is a bad thing, but it is definitely counter productive ( you realize that most of the blabbering won't get things done ). Here are some good anger management tips with a hint of humor that you can adapt for better living !

Write all your issues down and see what you can do about it

This idea might not seem to be very liberating in the day and anger of social media interactions, but this infact is a great anger management technique. You can simply write down all your problems down and observe, if not examine what you can do about it. More often then not, acknowledgment of problems is the only way you can get over them. Either you will do something about it if you have to and if you can't then no need to worry about it anyway.

Talk to people you trust

We are not saying that you will get over your anger in a matter of first day, but talking to people you trust surely helps. Whenever you were in a situation when you could not control you felings or vent out some angry words, excuse yourself. Do not over think. You can call a friend you trust and tell them everything you feel. This will surely get you ahead of people who are frustrated all the time. And an advice or two might even help.

Read Positive Affirmations and Inspiring Quotes

You can have a look at some great positive affirmations on your tablet and phone and make sure to have a look at them at least once in a day. Some positive and humour related content help you remind yourself that there are better things you can do about life and some inspirational quotes can get you ready for the day with a good start. Remember a day that starts in a good mood is likely to end on a high note ! You can experience the witty side of anger through these angry status messages and even share these with your friends for more fun !

Learn From People Who Use Humour As A Weapon

Well yes on a serious note, you do not have to take everything that happens to you seriously !! Have you ever encountered someone who would have the same problem as you and they laugh it off while you fume and dissipate ?? Learn from those kind of people and see how you have a better view of things.

Forgive People Even When They Do Not Ask For An Apology

It does not seem very easy at first, but there is not point in holding grudges against people ( even if you do not like them ). This will only spoil your mood and leave you frustrated. You cannot change some things, all you can do is is accept how people are and forgive them. This is truly liberating because not only it saves your energy, but also because when you are not calm other people can sense it too.

Some sort of physical exercise can help you relieve stress and calm the nerves. It totally helps you put the extra energy to productive use and calm your mind. You can practice Yoga, Tai Chi or even a simple 30 minute gym workout can help.

Understand that anger is harmful

Whether you talk about it or not, acknowledge the fact that anger does not serve any logical purpose. It only make you even more so frustrated. There are some people who have outburst every now and then, but it leads you nowhere, and sometimes you harm yourself and people close to you. Simple practices like meditation and spending time on you hobbies can also curb your anger related anxiety.

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