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Cork Stopper Crafts Your Little Ones Will Love

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School summer vacation is almost upon us and it’s time to start thinking about keeping your kids entertained throughout the break. One way to keep your kids busy through the summer holiday is to organize a craft day each week —make sure you have a unique and well thought out craft idea for each individual week. In this article, we will outline some awesome and affordable ways you can use cork stoppers to make creative crafts with your children this summer.

Little Creatures

This is one of the most simple cork stopper crafts on our list —it’s easy for you to prepare and easy for your child to make. You’ll want the following: cork stoppers, glue, cut up fabric, cotton balls, and soft paint. Choose a little creature that your child would like to make out of a cork stopper and paint it the appropriate color. You can then add on fabric using glue. Feel free to add any other small decorations you can think of such as glitter or artificial fur. Use a cotton ball to create a head for your creature —you can draw or paint on necessary facial features. One of the most popular little creatures to make is a bumble bee, but you can make any insect out of a cork stopper, including a grasshopper or a butterfly. People also enjoy making seasonal creatures such as penguins or snowmen.

Little People

Another craft idea is little cork stopper humans —they sometimes look similar to Russian Dolls. For this, you will need similar things as the little creatures craft: cork stoppers, glue, fabric, markers, paint, and yarn. You may also want something you can knit with (if you or your kids are able to so). Come up with a series of cool designs as each one won’t take long to make. You can knit little sweaters or onesies for the cork stoppers using the yarn and knitting materials. This is especially fun for kids who want to make a favorite TV or cartoon character.

Cork Christmas Tree

This craft idea may be more suited for the winter but it is still fun nonetheless. You’ll want cork stoppers, wire, markers, and paint. Use a small piece of wood or metal as the trunk of the tree, then wrap individual pieces of wire around it and have the other end of the wire stick out like a branch. Do this so there are a good ten to twelve branches protruding from the tree. Then decorate the same number of cork stoppers with your child using paint, fabric, and markers. Each one of thesestoppers will then be placed at the end of each branch by forcing the wire through the center of the cork stopper. The tree will look like a fun and colorful redesign of a Christmas tree and can be put on your child’s desk or chest of drawers!

What Are You Waiting For?

All of these craft ideas made with cork stoppers are super fun! The best part is these crafts are extremely affordable because of how small and accessible the materials are. But don’t stop with just cork stopper crafts, search the internet for great craft ideas that will help you and your children have the most enjoyable summer break possible!

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