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How San Diego dentists are changing the world, one tooth at a time.

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How would you go about changing the world? For many of us, it appears to be too big a task to be able to do ourselves; after all, apart from celebrities, how many individuals actually go on to make a huge positive difference to the world, on their own? It is something that seems far out of reach, but that is perhaps the point. Perhaps the very fact that we can rarely do it alone shows us that we need to work together in order to be able to make a beneficial difference to the world. One group of people who are proving just that are the dentists of San Diego, perhaps not the type of person that most of us what expect.

And yet it could be that San Diego dentists are the ones that can show the way. After all, many of them are just normal people, no great wealth or great family names behind them, and yet they are making a tangible difference to the residents of San Diego in the way that they look after their teeth. You could argue that any dentist who looks conscientiously after their patients would have a similar effect, by keeping their patients healthy and happy, but there is a group of San Diego dentists that are going far and beyond their initial training in order to ensure their patients are getting the absolute best care that they could ask for.

In some cases, you will find that a San Diego dentist is completely non-toxic, which means that they do not use any nasty chemicals or toxins in their diagnostics or treatments. You would not think that this would necessarily be that noteworthy, but believe it or not there are many dentists up and down the country who are quite happily using chemicals such as mercury in their treatments – in this case, in fillings – despite the fact that the chemical mercury is known to be toxic. In fact, for hundreds of years mercury has been avoided purposefully because it is known to be so dangerous. Continued exposure will leave a person suffering problems with their hearing, with their sight, with their very sanity – until they die prematurely, poisoned by mercury. It is astonishing to many of us that any dentist would happily use this chemical in their treatments, but many do. This is something that the non-toxic San Diego dentists are taking a stand against.

There are also many San Diego dentists that donate a huge amount of their time and resources to the underprivileged. These are people who perhaps would not have been able to afford excellent dental healthcare: the homeless, those living in poverty, or families with large numbers of children who they cannot look after properly. By donating their skills and expertise, San Diego dentists are making sure that no one gets left behind with regards to their dental healthcare, even if their finances would not normally stretch to it. Some San Diego dentists even take themselves beyond our own country’s borders to the developing world, to offer emergency dental care to those who have no other option but to live with their health problems.

There is a lot that we could learn from the dentists from San Diego. They could spend much of their time lining their own pockets, overcharging and overspending, but instead many of them have dedicated their careers to the betterment of others. They ask for no special recognition, and they don’t expect anyone to praise them or single them out for notice. Changing the world, one tooth at a time.


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