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Online Video Ads Are a Great Business Conversion Tool

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If you are wondering what it takes to increase conversions for your e-commerce platform, you’re not alone. There has been a dramatic shift in the way that companies advertise their products and services to visitors over the years. In the days of old – before the Internet of Things – banners, signwriting, and billboards were the preferred advertising channels.

Companies would spend an untold fortune on prime real estate banner space in cities, highways, buildings etcetera. We still see traces of this today with signwriting, sandwich-style advertising, and the like. However, for most fledgling e-commerce platforms, this type of marketing is extremely expensive.

What Cost Effective Ads Can You Create?

As a new business, you want to utilise your advertising budget as effectively as possible by targeting people on their home turf. While banners and billboards are great for mass coverage, they do not drill down into specific market segments, demographics or clientele – it’s a shotgun-style strategy that targets anyone and everyone who sees the billboard. These passersby may have little or no interest in the products or services being advertised. From a cost-benefit perspective, this seems a little disingenuous.

One of the most important processes for a company and its customers is the sales funnel. This multi-stage process takes a visitor from inception to the call to action. It begins with a process of introduction to the products and services of the company, familiarization, interest and eventually the purchase. This sales process is standard operating procedure for all marketing departments. It is an effective way of converting visitors into paying customers, with the hope of generating repeat business.

Have You Ever Heard of Dynamic Video Retargeting?

If you’re running a little business of your own, you will find that there are many ways to attract visitors and make them customers. The most effective way of doing this is online video ads. This dynamic retargeting is an ingenious way of customizing content to people that have already shown an interest in your company’s products. For example, if you are running an online comic book store and you get lots of hits from people interested in the X-Men, Superman, Batman, or The Punisher, an online video ad could use this type of information to target specific people direct through the email and past purchase history.

Online video ads have proven to be the most effective way to increase ROI (return on investment), and conversion rates of visitors into paying customers. Dynamic video retargeting is different to generic videos in every way. By drilling down into the specific browsing patterns, buying behaviour and interests of customers (based on which links they have clicked on with your website, which products they have shown an interest in, and which email campaigns they responded to), you can tailor an ad campaign to expectations. You don’t even need to have a sizeable line of credit to get these video ads up and running – otherwise known as you to video pre-rolls.

The Sensory Impact of Personalized Videos Really Works for Your Business!

If you are wondering which companies already offer dynamic video retargeting, look no further than Adroll and Criteo. There are many new-age platforms offering their services to clients, and the great thing about online video ads is that they really do work. People are far more responsive to the sensory impact of emotive video ads than they are to standard text or generic messaging. Dynamic video retargeting talks to the individual by name, and is addressed to them in their personal email inbox.

Sure, it takes a little effort to target your clientele specifically, but the effectiveness of this form of marketing is off the charts. Once a customer has made a purchase, dynamic video retargeting connects with them when new or complementary products are available, inviting customers to use promotional codes, discounts or exclusive offers to make purchases. People feel special when marketing messages are directed at them specifically, and ROI increases of upwards of 40% are common with this form of advertising.

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