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Strengthening Unity Between Couples and Singles At Church

Mon, Sep. 11, 2017 Posted: 05:04 AM

There is a push for Christian churches to do better at including singles in activities. Author Gina Dalfonzo has written a book with the purpose of helping churches do better at the inclusion of single adults.

While churches offer many activities for couples and families, there are fewer (if any) opportunities or services aimed at the single population. And this can have an adverse effect, causing singles to feel alienated from their place of worship and their communities.

The following suggestions will help your church become a more welcoming place to singles and couples alike.

1. Realize that relationships have shifted dramatically
Adults are marrying later and having children later than they were 10 or 20 years ago. Some singles would prefer to work on their relationship with themselves, God, and their careers first. Some singles have found themselves single due to divorce or death against their wishes. There are an infinite number of reasons why a person might be single, and accepting their current life state rather than trying to fix or help them is the most important thing we can do. The New Testament has a high view of singleness (some of the many great saints never married!)

2. Offer resources for single people
One way to include singles in your congregation is to find ways to celebrate achievements. Just as we throw wedding showers and baby showers, or celebrate wedding anniversaries, there are plenty of life milestones worth celebrating that are unrelated to marriage. Another great idea is offering resources to single people. Examples being when they need a ride because their car is in the shop, or they need a handyman or help filing taxes. Being single can be difficult because certain things that are often shared among two people (or among a family) rests on one person’s shoulders, often leading to a reliance on caffeine to get by! And if you think caffeine is expensive these days, check out 5 Hour Energy prices and be amazed.

3. Plan outings
Planning church outings is another great way to get singles involved. Outings do not need to be limited to couples or families. All church members can be invited, or you can plan a specific “singles mixer” event or an event aimed at specific age groups. These outings don’t have to be expensive or break the bank, and planning them at a buffet makes it really easy for all people, regardless of dietary restrictions, to find something to eat. Check out Golden Corral Buffet prices before planning your next church outing.

4. Invite singles to leadership roles
Singles can also take on ministry and leadership roles in the church. Invite singles to teach or lead a committee.

The bottom line
The value of church is bringing together people from all walks of life and uniting them under a shared belief or purpose. Singling out a group of people from the church does not align to this goal. In fact, some of the most supportive church communities are those that have young and old, singles and marrieds, people with children and people without. Learning to appreciate and value all members of the community is extremely important in the Christian faith.

Mark John