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Posted 7/9/14 at 11:53 PM | CP Blogs

Interesting Environmental News: Drop in Carbon Dioxide Emissions

aluminum cans
Photo: Flickr/Jasonk - Creative Commons

Interesting fact from the Can Manufacturers Institute:

"In 1972, one pound of aluminum yielded only 21.75 cans. Today, by using less material to make each can, one pound of aluminum makes approximately 33 cans—a 52 percent improvement."

Energy savings from more efficient manufacturing processes have contributed to a drop in energy use. According to the World Bank, carbon dioxide emssions per person have decreased in Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States.

The Cato Institute credits free enterprise as one of the reasons for the decline "because a concern for public opinion coupled with a desire to limit inputs (both of which affect profits) incentivize businesses to reduce emissions."

But the good news doesn't end there. The Environmental Protection Agency reports, "In the United States, since 1990, the management of forests and non-agricultural land has acted as a net sink of CO2, which means that more CO2 is removed from the atmosphere, and stored in plants and trees, than is emitted."

Posted 4/30/14 at 6:25 PM | CP Blogs

Saudi Princess Calls for Revolution

Photo: Sahar's Twitter account
"Brother Mutaeb issued their death sentence no food or drink allowed"

Princess Sahar, age 42, has pledged support to political revolutionaries in Saudi Arabia. Press TV has translated Sahar's speech:

"Greetings to martyrs and to free men in jail. It's an honor for me to learn the meaning of freedom,rights, and dignity from you revolutionary people. We promise to follow in your footsteps and not to let go of your hands."

Sahar says that she has been drugged and that she and her sisters have been held captive for 13 years. Her mom, divorced from King Assad and living in exhile, collaborates these accusations.

Through social media the princesses are seeking support and freedom. On Twitter Sahar and her supporters use the hashtag #FreeThe4 to advance her cause. She also claims that her brother has sentenced them to death.

PressTV interview
King Abdullah's ex-wife and mother of Sahar in TV interview.

Posted 4/7/14 at 11:58 PM | CP Blogs

Economists Approve of "Information Manipulation" to Advance United Nations Policy?

Photo: Flickr/woodleywonderworks - Creative Commons

Two university economics professors have authored a peer-reviewed research paper on the role of "information manipulation" - the exaggeration of "climate change" - to advance international environmental policy agreements.

Nanyang Technological University assistant professor Fuhai Hong and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology assistant professor Xiaojian Zhao authored the paper "Information Manipulation and Climate Agreements" for the American Journal of Agricultural Economics. The research paper abstract states the following:

It appears that news media and some pro-environmental organizations have the tendency to accentuate or even exaggerate the damage caused by climate change. This article provides a rationale for this tendency by using a modified International Environmental Agreement (IEA) model with asymmetric information. We find that the information manipulation has an instrumental value, as it ex post induces more countries to participate in an IEA, which will eventually enhance global welfare. From the ex ante perspective, however, the impact that manipulating information has on the level of participation in an IEA and on welfare is ambiguous.

Climate Depot, Jayson Lusk and others offered critical commentary which resulted in the authors making a public statement to clear up any confusion: "We never advocate lying on climate change." FULL POST

Posted 2/26/14 at 6:20 PM | CP Blogs

Reasons to be Thankful for Snow and Ice

Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority - CC

Snow is underrated. It protects roots from harm and may play a role in reducing crime. But don't take my word for it.

When icy weather reached south Louisiana at the end of January, fewer crimes were committed.

The Houma Courier newspaper reported, "Nobody has compiled cold, hard numbers, but local police say it wasn’t only temperatures that dropped during the recent ice storm — crime dropped too."

Nature also benefits from snowfall. According to horticulturalist Richard Hentsche, "Snow cover provides insulation from the drying winter sun and the extremes in air temperatures ... A good snow cover protects above ground plant parts and helps them survive the winter." FULL POST

Posted 1/31/14 at 10:45 PM | CP Blogs

Ex-Boyfriend Receives 13 Year Sentence for Giving Abortion Pill to Girlfriend

Photo: Flickr/Guineapigmom - Creative Commons
Cytotec abortion pill

On Monday John Weldon was sentenced to 13 years and eight months in prison. Weldon deceived his girlfriend at the time to take an abortion pill. CNS News reported, "In a plea agreement, Welden admitted to forging his obstetrician father’s signature on a prescription for Cytotec. According to prosecutors, he then relabeled the pill bottle as an antibiotic and told his ex-girlfriend, Remee Jo Lee, to take the pills."

When this blog reported Weldon's arrest last year, it noted, "He is charged with first degree murder of an unborn child. Yet in America, if a woman wants to have an abortion and takes these pills, it is not considered murder." FULL POST

Posted 1/17/14 at 8:10 PM | CP Blogs

Researcher: Bad Parents Create Internet Addicts

Photo: Flickr/Marcelo Graciolli - CC

Could the root cause of internet addiction in many teenagers and young adults be the result of bad parenting? Researchers in Greece suggest such a link.

Argyroula Kalaitzaki, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Technological Education Institute in Heraklion, Greece, authored the research paper "The impact of early parenting bonding on young adults’ Internet addiction, through the mediation effects of negative relating to others and sadness."

Reuters quotes Kalaitzaki as saying, "In short, good parenting, including parental warmth and affection, that is caring and protective parents, has been associated with lower risk for Internet addiction" and "bad parenting, including parental control and intrusion, that is authoritarian and neglectful parents, has been associated with higher risk for addiction." FULL POST

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Would you Rather be Right or Happy?

Photo: Flickr/Candie_N - Creative Commons

Marriage, the birth of a new child, graduating from school and getting a new job can all bring momentary happiness. The Bible shows that when Leah's servant Zilpah got pregnant, she was overjoyed. Genesis 30:13 states, "Then Leah said, 'How happy I am! The women will call me happy.' So she named him Asher."

In December a Los Angeles Times article featured the headline Happiness is overrated: It's better to be right, study finds. The article is about scientists testing a theory of how pride can interfere with happiness. The husband was told to always be agreeable with everything his wife said and did. The husband's happiness declined during the testing period.

The scientists concluded in the British Medical Journal, "It seems that being right, however, is a cause of happiness, and agreeing with what one disagrees with is a cause of unhappiness."

Another intriguing fact about happiness is that working in the church is one of the happiest professions. The following infographic shows that actors,architects, clergy, and firemen are some of the happiest people alive. Also married couples tend to be happier than singles.


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Church of England Considers Wardrobe Changes

Photo: Wikipedia/Ugaburr - Creative Commons
Priest Sven-Erik Brodd wearing clerical collar.

In nondenominational churches and numerous evangelical churches the pastor or priest is casually dressed for services. Priests in the Church of England in February will discuss the possibility of allowing casual clothing.

The London Independent reported, "About a quarter of the Anglican church’s governing body backed the proposal, under which vicars would be able to wear ordinary clothes if their bishop and church council agreed."

The clothing that priests wear are called vestments. Vestaments include cassocks (full length robe), clerical collars and mitre hats.

The Roman Catholic Church also requires its priests to wear vestments. Catholic priests Charles Mangan and Gerald Murray defend these rules in their article "23 Reasons Why A Priest Should Wear His Collar" by comparing the clerical collar to a wedding ring: "The Roman collar is a sign of priestly consecration to the Lord. As a wedding ring distinguishes husband and wife and symbolizes the union they enjoy, so the Roman collar identifies bishops and priests ..." FULL POST

Posted 12/30/13 at 11:04 PM | CP Blogs

Family Sells All Possession to Become Missionaries

Map: World Factbook

Here's an inspiring missions story: George and Vonda Sisneros sold their possessions and moved to Guatemala to be missionaries.

The Vail Daily newspaper compares the Sisneros to the wealthy young ruler that met Jesus in the Book of Matthew.

Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me." - Matthew 19:21

George and Vonda left their business careers to follow Jesus just like the disciples. George owned a cleaning business and his wife was an artist.

George felt God's call to become a missionary while on a short term mission trip.

Posted 12/27/13 at 5:10 PM | CP Blogs

The Testimony of Atheist: "Life is not Rational"

Photo: Flickr/Marcus Böckmann - Creative Commons
Slogan that promoted atheism. (Arnade's view of militant atheists such as Richard Dawkins changed while being a photographer.)

Photographer Chris Arnade has a fascinating story to tell. As an atheist his rationality was challenged by prostitutes and drug addicts.

Arnade has photographed drug addicts in South Bronx, New York for a project titled Faces of Addiction. (More information is available on his Flickr profile page.)

Before becoming a photography Arnade worked for a Wall Street firm. Now he writes for The Guardian and Tumblr.

Arnade encountered a woman in the Bronx named Egypt and discovered that she is a person of faith.

I asked her, has a man in your life ever treated you right, ever not beat or raped you? She looked down at her sandwich, her face blank. “Yes. One has. God.”

While observing the faith of addicts living in abandoned buildings, Arnade's thinking changed:

In these last three years, out from behind my computers, I have been reminded that life is not rational and that everyone makes mistakes. Or, in Biblical terms, we are all sinners. FULL POST

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