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1,500 People Attacked With Acid Each Year

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Photo: Department for International Development - CC
The Acid Survivors Foundation hospital treats this patient in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Last week British teenagers Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup were assaulted by two men that splashed them with battery acid. The acid burned their clothes and part of the skin.

According to The Daily Beast, "The two were winding up a three-week stint as volunteers at a local church serving the island’s small Christian minority."

The Acid Survivors Trust International claims that 1,500 cases of acid throwing occur each year. 1,000 acid attacks occur annually in India.

The BBC reported, "The prevalence of attacks in South Asia can be explained by the easy availability of acid ... Acid is widely used in the cotton, rubber and jewellery industries. Hence attacks are also seen in rubber-producing areas like Cambodia."

The Acid Survivors Foundation helps acid victims in Bangladesh. The ASF describes the longterm physical and emotional harm caused by acid throwing:

When acid attacks the eyes, it damages them permanently. Many acid attack survivors have lost the use of one or both eyes. But the scars left by acid are not just skin deep. Many survivors suffer from psychological breakdown including identity crisis because of their lost and distorted appearance.

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