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Armless Athlete Competes in Body Building

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Barbie Thomas is a walking miracle and a fierce athlete in body building competition. Both of her arms were amputated after she touched an electric transformer when she was 2 years old.

Thomas told Good Morning America, "I thank God I am alive." After her injury Thomas' mother made a promise to God and kept it. She worked hard to insure that her daughter would "become 'somebody.'"

Thomas attributes her survival to God:

"The doctors were boggled by my recovery," she said. "They decided I must have survived because of the rubber soles on my tennis shoes. True, they may have played their part, but I believe I survived because God saw the bigger picture and had plans for me."

In this video Thomas describes how she is thankful for the abilities that she has.

Count Your Blessings

Besides Thomas, there are other Christian athletes that have competed inspite of their physical limitations. Bethany Hamilton's story of becoming a professional surfer after enduring a shark attack was retold in the movie Soul Surfer. Jason Lester has competed in Ironman competitions after his arm was paralyzed in a car accident.

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