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Bonobo Ape DNA Compared to Humans

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Photo: Flickr/Kev Chapman - Creative Commons

The Drudge Report is carrying this headline: "PHOTOS: Primates share 98.7% of human DNA -- right down to hair loss..."

Drudge links to a London Daily Mail article which features an impressive collection of photos of bonobos.

The bonobo is one of six ape species. The others are the Bornean orangutan, chimpanzee, eastern gorilla, Sumatran orangutan and western lowland gorilla.

There is a disagreement over the interpretation of the data used to make this claim of 98.7% shared DNA.

The Institute for Creation Research reports that "the popular press did not highlight the most significant results of the bonobo genome research. The gene sequences that were similar between humans and apes showed significant levels of a phenomenon called incomplete lineage sorting (ILS). This means that the gene sequences did not consistently match up with the predicted evolutionary tree."

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