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Ex-Boyfriend Receives 13 Year Sentence for Giving Abortion Pill to Girlfriend

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Cytotec abortion pill

On Monday John Weldon was sentenced to 13 years and eight months in prison. Weldon deceived his girlfriend at the time to take an abortion pill. CNS News reported, "In a plea agreement, Welden admitted to forging his obstetrician father’s signature on a prescription for Cytotec. According to prosecutors, he then relabeled the pill bottle as an antibiotic and told his ex-girlfriend, Remee Jo Lee, to take the pills."

When this blog reported Weldon's arrest last year, it noted, "He is charged with first degree murder of an unborn child. Yet in America, if a woman wants to have an abortion and takes these pills, it is not considered murder."

According to WTSP TV, "Welden was initially charged with first degree murder, but pleaded guilty on lesser charges."

Last year this blog also reported that chef Joshua Woodward was charged with attempted murder after applying an abortion drug to his girlfriend's body without her permission. The drug caused his girlfriend to miscarry.

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