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9/19/13 at 04:38 PM 23 Comments

Gay Rights Activist Receives 25 Year Sentence

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Photo: Flickr/dbking - Creative Commons
Outside the offices of the Family Research Council where a security guard was attacked.

Floyd Lee Corkins II received a 25 year prison sentence for shooting Family Research Council security guard Leo Johnson last year. Corkins was apprehended with more than 90 rounds of ammunition. Corkins intended to kill numerous opponents of gay marriage but his plan was thwarted when the injured Johnson fought back and seized his gun.

The Associated Press has reported, "After the hearing, Johnson said he would have preferred to see Corkins get more prison time but was 'very pleased' and 'satisfied' with the judge's sentence."

Corkins targed Family Research Council because the pro-family organization opposed gay marriage and was listed on the Southern Povery Law Center website as a hate group. Although the Family Research Council has protested this label, the SPLC has refused to drop the hate group label.

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