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Letter About Jesus and Margaret Thatcher Becomes News

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Photo: Flickr/Glenn Dettwiler - Creative Commons

In 1980 David Liddelow, a nine-year-old son of a vicar in the Church of England, sent an amusing letter to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. According to the London Telegraph, the letter and Thatcher's response "prompted laughter" when read at Thatcher's funeral.

"Last night when we were saying prayers, my daddy said everyone has done wrong things except Jesus,” he wrote.

"I said I don’t think you have done bad things because you are the Prime Minister.

"Am I right or is my daddy?"

Many Americans may not be aware of the fact that Thatcher was the daughter of a Methodist minister. Her words often demonstrated her faith in Jesus Christ.

Liddelow's dad was amazed by Thatcher's two-page handwritten note to his son: " ... it shows that she had a warm heart."

Thatcher's response stated:

However good we try to be, we can never be as kind, gentle and wise as Jesus.

There will be times when we do or say something we wish we hadn’t done and we shall be sorry and try not to do it again.

We do our best but our best is not as good as his daily life.

If you and I were to paint a picture, it wouldn’t be as good as the picture of great artists. So our lives can’t be as good as the life of Jesus.

Postscript: I missed this story when it was first reported on April 17th.

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