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Media Bias: Gay Athlete Gets More News Coverage Than Mass Murderer

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The recent Kermit Gosnell murder case has embarrassed the abortion industry and its supporters. At first secular mainstream news outlets were reluctant to cover the news story and some still are.

Just how bad was Gosnell's actions? According to The Daily Caller, "Gosnell faces more than 250 criminal charges, including first degree murder charges for the deaths of four babies born alive in botched abortions and a third degree murder charge for one woman killed in 2009 from a drug overdose during an abortion."

CNS News reported, "The grand jury concluded that the statute-of-limitations on infant-killing was helping Gosnell get away with killing hundreds of born babies."

CNS News captures the media bias in America with this headline: "First 8 Days: ‘Gay’ Jason Collins 2,381 News Stories; Gosnell Abortion-Murder Trial 115 Stories – 1,970% Difference in Coverage."

After professional basketball player Jason Collins revealed his homosexuality in Sports Illustrated, he was interviewed on Good Morning America on April 30th. According to Life News, Good Morning America has not mentioned the Gosnell trial even once but has reported on the Jodi Arias murder case 28 times.

The Christian Post reporter Melissa Barnhart has been following the Gosnell case closely. Eric Metaxas, a Breakpoint commentator, has written an article about how Roe v Wade led to this scandal.

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