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Online Daters Lying While Looking for Love

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Photo: Flickr/Steve Hankins - Creative Commons
Keyboard keys spell "love"

Pew Research Center has released a report about online dating and it is filled with quotable statistics:

  • "11% of all American adults are 'online daters'—meaning they have used a dating site or mobile dating app."
  • "21% of internet users agree with the statement that 'people who use online dating sites are desperate'"

But those aren't the statistics I wanted to focus on. Instead I would like to focus on the poll result which shows that 54% of the respondents indicated encountering dishonest profiles.

Perhaps that 54% number is too low. Another study performed by Cornel University and University of Wisconsin-Madison discovered that 80% of online daters are dishonest when describing their age, height or weight.

Dating coach Evn Katz recommends that online daters ask for more photos of the person they are interested in since people are more likely to lie about their appearance.

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