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Posted 12/19/13 at 3:36 PM | CP Blogs

Scientists Turn Algae Into Oil

Photo: Flickr/ - CC
Algae sample from Canada.

Scientists announce breakthrough. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory press release is entitled "Algae to crude oil: Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab."

Scientist Douglas Elliot says, "In a sense, we are duplicating the process in the Earth that converted algae into oil over the course of millions of years. We're just doing it much, much faster." The process involves heating up the algae mixture to 662 degrees Fahrenheit while it is exposed to 3,000 pound per square inch of pressure.

Young earth creationists will disagree with the "million-year" claim while advancing the idea that a similar process is responsible for the earth's "fossil fuels."

In 2008 Science Magazine (requires subscription) published research backing the abiotic theory about the origin of hydrocarbon-based fuels. FULL POST

Posted 12/18/13 at 8:32 PM | CP Blogs

Televangelists Oppose Broadcast Deregulation, Elimination of Must Carry Rule

Photo: Jordy Ferket - Creative Commons

National Journal asks a provocative question with this headline: "Is Congress Turning Off Your Televangelist?"

Steve Scalise, Republican Congressman from Louisiana, has introduced the Next Generation Television Marketplace Act and if this legislation passes, it would deregulate some aspects of broadcasting. Televangelists fear that ending the "must-carry rule" could lead to religious broadcasters being removed by cable companies.

National Journal reported, "Stephen Bell, Scalise's communications director, said that 'noncommercial' broadcasters would get to keep their must-carry protections, but he would not specify if networks such as CBN, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and Eternal Word Television Network would qualify for that exemption."

As it stands, the legislation lacks broad support from both political parties. Republican Congressman Cory Gardner is the only co-sponsor. The bill has been referred to both the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the House Judiciary Committee. FULL POST

Posted 12/5/13 at 3:33 PM | CP Blogs

Crime Backfires: Shoplifter's SUV Stolen

Photo: Wikipedia/Klaus with K - Creative Commons

When I was a teenager, my mom would give me a biblical warning with the words "beware, your sins will find you out" ... and they did. My mom was quoting part of a Bible verse but I didn't know that.

Another alleged criminal may have also learned this lesson.

According to Laramie Live, Christopher Dawdy and two accomplices stole merchandise from a Walmart. Then Dawdy's friends left without him. So Dawdy reported his SUV stolen. Walmart employees and the police reviewed surveillance video and now all three individuals face time in court. Dawdy confessed for his role in the robbery.

Numbers 32:23 says, "But if you fail to keep your word, then you will have sinned against the LORD, and you may be sure that your sin will find you out."

Posted 12/2/13 at 11:29 PM | CP Blogs

Scientist: Humans Evolved From Chimpanzee and Pig Mating

Photo: Flickr/Valentina Storti - Creative Commons
This chimpanzee lives at the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kenya.

Scientist and author Eugene M. McCarthy has proposed an hypothesis that humans evolved from a female chimpanzee and male pig mating. McCarthy reports, "Is it possible for a pig to hybridize with a chimpanzee? I have no way of knowing at present, but I have no logical or evidential basis for rejecting the idea."

McCarthy's hypothesis is shared at

The science website reports the hypothesis is worthy of further exploration.

The hypothesis is attracting interest from fellow science enthusiasts and bewilderment from the media. On Twitter vegetarians are comparing the eating of pigs to cannibalism. FULL POST

Posted 11/29/13 at 5:13 PM | CP Blogs

The NSA Monitors Pornography Usage

Photo: Flickr/Fibonacci Blue - Creative Commons
Protestor opposes NSA spying.

If you are visiting porn websites, the American government probably knows about it.

A document released by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals that the National Security Agency (NSA) is collecting information on visits to pornographic sites to discredit inflammatory Muslim leaders.

The Huffington Post published part of the document here.

The NSA may also be monitoring who uses Internet sex sites such as Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder. The NSA could use this embarrassing information to pressure individuals into confessions.

The Atlantic is critical of this spying activity:

"If the history of the FBI and NSA teach us anything, it is that officials cannot be counted on to know the difference between legitimate surveillance and abuses of power." FULL POST

Posted 11/21/13 at 5:26 PM | CP Blogs

Blue Shoelaces to Rescue American Manufacturing?

Photo: screenshot from Kickstarter video
Blue shoestring

In this century's first decade 5.7 million American manufacturing jobs disappeared. According to Robert Atkinson, Industry Week writer and co-author of Innovation Economics, this decline in jobs was caused by decreased manufacting output, not increases in productivity.

There have been plenty of attempts to inspire Americans to buy American products. Recently Jake Bronstein launched The Bluelace Project on Kickstarter. Donors have contributed almost $50,000 to the manufacture and distribution of a premium blue shoestring.

A video on the Kickstarter website shows Matt Mills pulling a 13,000 pound truck. The Bluelace Project explains its goal like this:

Let's give American Manufacturing its own yellow ribbon... a wearable way to show your support for the war they're fighting daily.

Posted 11/18/13 at 4:18 PM | CP Blogs

Bing and Google Block Child Porn

Photo: Flickr/Andrew Mason - CC

According to Google's CEO Eric Schmidt, child porn will be more difficult to find because Google has identified more than 100,000 search queries possibly related to porn and made modifications to its search results. The London Daily Mail also reports that Google has a system for tagging child porn videos.

Microsoft's Bing search engine is also filtering search queries for child porn.

These announcements were made at the internet safety summit held in London by United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron.

Cameron reported that Great Britain and the United States governments are using spy agencies to find people sharing child porn online.

Please don't go searching for it but if you discover child porn online, you may report it at the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

AFP reported, "In July, Cameron threatened to introduce legislation to block access to illegal images if search engines failed in a "moral duty" to do so voluntarily."

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Posted 11/12/13 at 2:51 PM | CP Blogs

Catholic Bishops to Address U.S. Pornography Use

The U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops announced it will draft of a formal statement on pornography to be issued from the entire body of bishops during the bishops’ annual fall General Assembly Tuesday. The bishops voted 226-5 in favor of addressing the hot topic following a presentation by Bishop Richard J. Malone of Buffalo, New York, chair-elect of the USCCB Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth.

In his report, Malone said “As pastors, we’re aware that many people are consuming or are exploited by pornography, and many also are struggling with pornography addiction. The number of men, women, and children who have been harmed by pornography use is not negligible, and we have an opportunity to offer healing and hope to those who have been wounded.”

The statement will be pastoral in nature and will emphasize the effects of pornography on marriages and families, while attending to all those harmed by pornography use and addiction. The Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth will lead the drafting process, and the statement will come before the body of bishops for approval. The tentative timeline is to have a finalized statement by the end of 2015. FULL POST

Posted 11/11/13 at 11:08 AM | CP Blogs

Will Atheist Assemblies Surpass Christian Churches?

Looking at the Christian Post homepage, I found two interesting headline. The first asked "Why Are Millennials Leaving the Church? while the second proclaims "London-Based 'Atheist Church' Launches New Congregation in Nashville."

Are these headlines related? Possibly.

In the first story, Addie Zierman said she left the church in her 20's because she she "struggled to connect with other Christians and find a church that offered the attention and acceptance for which she longed." Instead she sought acceptance at the bar and Caribou Coffee.

In the Second story says the mission of the Godless Sunday Assembly is "to create an inclusive environment for all attendees while they celebrate life. The group also invites people from different faith backgrounds to attend and say their focus is to help people live better lives."

It should be no surprise that the world is luring Christian youth. The question is what is the Church going to do about it.

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Posted 10/23/13 at 5:56 PM | CP Blogs

Online Daters Lying While Looking for Love

Photo: Flickr/Steve Hankins - Creative Commons
Keyboard keys spell "love"

Pew Research Center has released a report about online dating and it is filled with quotable statistics:

  • "11% of all American adults are 'online daters'—meaning they have used a dating site or mobile dating app."
  • "21% of internet users agree with the statement that 'people who use online dating sites are desperate'"

But those aren't the statistics I wanted to focus on. Instead I would like to focus on the poll result which shows that 54% of the respondents indicated encountering dishonest profiles.

Perhaps that 54% number is too low. Another study performed by Cornel University and University of Wisconsin-Madison discovered that 80% of online daters are dishonest when describing their age, height or weight. FULL POST

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