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Posted 2/27/13 at 9:31 PM | CP Blogs

Pro-Abortion Hypocrisy

Last year chef Joshua Woodward was accused of causing his girlfriend to miscarry by applying an abortion inducing drug to her body by touching her sexually. The New York Daily News reported, "The devastated lover told police Woodward didn't want the baby from the moment he learned of the pregnancy and immediately asked her to get an abortion." The girlfriend was 13 weeks into her pregnancy.

If the circumstances were different and the male was a medical doctor and gave the woman an abortion pill with her consent, then no crime would have been committed. Intent plays a role. If the woman wants the baby to be aborted, the courts would support her desire to abort.

The boundaries might seem arbitrary. A woman in Houston is being investigated after induced her own abortion and then threw away the fetus that was 5 months old. The Houston Chronicle reported, "Authorities are awaiting the results of an autopsy before deciding whether to pursue criminal charges ..." FULL POST

Posted 2/26/13 at 11:58 PM | CP Blogs

10 Things Teen Boys Should Know

Some of the biggest problems in my adult years, surfaced during my childhood. As a teenager I developed the habit of procrastinating. I would wait until the last possible moment to study or write a school paper. According to Procrastinators Anonymous, "Procrastinators do not have a problem with time management. They have a problem with compulsive avoidance."

Procrastination is one of the biggest problems in American society and it is especially disruptive to males. Rather than investing their time in productive activities, too many males waste time on video games and pornography. These time-killing activities can prevent them from reaching emotionally maturity and may harm their relationships.

Dan Commer has compiled a list of ten pieces of advice for teen males that are worth checking out.

Here are two of them:

  • "Control your sexuality or it will control you."
  • Whatever you’ve been asked to do, do just a little bit more.

I wish I would have mastered both of those as a teenager.

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Dear Boys…

Posted 2/25/13 at 11:58 PM | CP Blogs

10 Things Teen Girls Should Know

According to Katie Vanderlick, executive director of the Alexandria-Pineville, Louisiana, YWCA, "The average American girl's self-esteem peaks at age 9 and then plummets."

As a young girl my sister struggled with being content in her appearance and friendships. These struggles seem to be univeral among girls in America.

Eventually my sister made some good friends that provided support when she needed someone to talk to. I also noticed my sister's self esteem improved greatly after she started dating the guy that she would marry.

Because women are more qualified to provide relationship advice to girls, I am recommending an article by Kate Conner. Kate offers ten pieces of advice for teen girls. Some of this advice is counterintuitive such as:

"Follow your heart" is probably the worst advice ever.

Kate also challenges girls to see themselves as beautiful.

There is a beauty industry, a fashion industry, a television industry, (and most unfortunately) a pornography industry: and all of these have unique ways of communicating to bright young women: you are not beautiful, sexy, smart or valuable enough. FULL POST

Posted 2/21/13 at 3:38 PM | CP Blogs

Sin and Beauty on Display in Life of Michael Jordan

Photo: Flickr/Jason H. Smith - Creative Commons

ESPN is conducting a poll to determine the "greatest athlete of all time." One of the candidates is basketball player Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan's life story attracts attention not only from sports fans but also motivational speakers and Christian bloggers.

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins attributes Jordan's sports accomplishments to his standards.

Owen Strachan, a blogger that teaches church history at Boyce College, writes about Jordan and us:

"His athletic ability is the most breathtaking display of physical talent many of us have ever witnessed; his ferocious will and massive ego has left many hurting people in his wake.

All of us in our natural state, outside of the mercy of Christ, are an awkward blend of these two things: beauty and sin. Light and darkness." FULL POST

Posted 2/20/13 at 3:19 PM | CP Blogs

A Baptist Participates in Lent

A week ago today Christians around the world celebrated Ash Wednesday - the beginning of the season of Lent. This religious tradition is not as prominent among evangelical Christians.

Pastor Alan Rudnick tells his story of observing lent and following liturgical practices at the Associated Baptist Press. Rudnick notes that marking the forehead with ashes dates back to the Old Testament times. Job mourned this way.

Rudnick also provides an explanation of how Baptists worship took a different direction than other denominations:

Since we Baptists do not have a book of worship or order, like other denominations, Baptists are free to worship as they feel led. This of course does not happen in a vacuum. I have always believed that Baptists must be led by scripture, reason, tradition, and experience (the Wesleyan Quadrilateral) with scripture being the final authority.

For further reading: A Baptist who celebrates Lent

Bonus trivia: According to preacher J.T. Moger, "In 1522, Protestant followers of the Zurich Reformer Ulrich Zwingli famously broke the Lenten fast by eating sausages as a symbol of their freedom in Christ."

Posted 2/19/13 at 11:47 AM | CP Blogs

Do It Yourself Spirituality Lacks Accountability

An increasing number of Americans have rejected church attendance in favor of a vague spirituality with few, if any, rules and little accountability. Joel J. Miller, a vice-president at the Christian publisher Thomas Nelson, critiques this trend while finding value in religious traditions and rituals the keep us grounded in our faith.

Rather than getting direction from tradition (including the church calendar, regular periods of fasting and feasting, the discipline of hourly prayer, the counsel of a spiritual father, etc.), the lone Christian is left to work out the faith on their own. It’s liberating on the one hand — no rules! — but it’s also an unmanageable burden, and many buckle under the weight.

For further reading: It doesn’t work and might drive you crazy: More on DIY spirituality

Have you attempted to live without church rituals? What did you learn from this experience?

Posted 2/18/13 at 6:09 PM | CP Blogs

Internet Sales Tax in Congress

The Marketplace Fairness Act has been introduced in Congress. It would allow states to choose whether or not to tax out-of-state purchases by their residents. The tax is supported by brick-and-mortar businesses that are in competition with Internet retailers.

According to the Houma Courier, "The act would also exempt small businesses that do less than $1 million in annual domestic sales. In addition to targeting e-commence, the bill would apply to catalog sales as well."

Article link: Taxes on online purchases? It could happen

Marketplace Fairness supports the bill.

The Direct Marketing Association opposes the bill.

Posted 2/18/13 at 5:11 PM | CP Blogs

Chaka Khan and Lecrae Record Song

Photo: One Sixteen

Chaka Chan released a new song called It's Not Over which features Lecrae as a background vocalist.

The song's lyrics addresses people struggling with life's troubles, telling them it's not over and encouraging them to pray.

Lecrae raps "I know what they told ya/ but hold on y'all, it ain't over/ and hard times tryna back ya down, but you've come to far to start backin' out/ You probably got a whole lot of questions but sometimes not knowin' is a blessing/ so hold on, pray hard/ the sun rises and a new day starts"

Prior to the song's release, Lecrae reached the top spot on MTV's music video countdown and received a GRAMMY for best gospel album.

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10 Books for Future Pastors to Read


This is the first post for the Notable News blog. Each day we will feature links to interesting news articles and blog posts that we come across. Hope you enjoy the blog.

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Mike Leake, blogger and associate pastor of First Baptist Church Jasper, Indiana, recommends books for pastors to read and study so that they will have a strong biblical foundation.

"Rather than just giving a top 10 books I think it might be more beneficial to say what 10 “types” of books I’d want to leave to the next generation. It is my hope that these books would ground the next generation and give them a passion for digging further. Because of that aim most of these are more introductory type of books to inspire further reading".

Article link: 10 Books I Want the Next Generation to Read

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