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Pro-Abortion Hypocrisy

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Last year chef Joshua Woodward was accused of causing his girlfriend to miscarry by applying an abortion inducing drug to her body by touching her sexually. The New York Daily News reported, "The devastated lover told police Woodward didn't want the baby from the moment he learned of the pregnancy and immediately asked her to get an abortion." The girlfriend was 13 weeks into her pregnancy.

If the circumstances were different and the male was a medical doctor and gave the woman an abortion pill with her consent, then no crime would have been committed. Intent plays a role. If the woman wants the baby to be aborted, the courts would support her desire to abort.

The boundaries might seem arbitrary. A woman in Houston is being investigated after induced her own abortion and then threw away the fetus that was 5 months old. The Houston Chronicle reported, "Authorities are awaiting the results of an autopsy before deciding whether to pursue criminal charges ..."

According to Live Action News, "... if the child was born dead (following a “successful” abortion), then the mother cannot be charged with a crime, since abortion (which, by definition, means that a dead baby was delivered after being killed in utero) is legal. If, however, the child was born alive (the approximate age of the child, between 20-25 weeks, indicates that viability was definitely a possibility), then the mother could be charged with a crime.

Live Action concludes, "Either way, the baby was murdered by his or her mother; her intention was the same all along, but the question of where the child died – in utero or out – will determine whether or not a crime was committed."

While we wait to see the final outcome of these two court cases, we can pray that justice is done and that the people involved in these two tragic news stories encounter the love of God. Perhaps the woman that miscarried against her will has endured emotional pain from the loss of her baby.

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