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Remembering Dave Hunt - Christian Apologist and Author

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Photo: Bernard B. ILarde - Creative Commons

Author and Christian apologist Dave Hunt died last week on April 5th. Hunt was an outspoken critic of heresies being taught in the church.

Hunt was affiliated with The Berean Call ministry and taught Christians how to share their faith with atheists and people of other religions.

According to The Berean Call, Hunts books were translated into 50+ languages and sold "at least 4 million copies." Hunts books include The Cult Explosion, The Seduction of Christianity, What Love is This? Calvinism's Misrepresentation of God, Occult Invasion and A Woman Rides the Beast.

Some of Hunt's lectures and debates with nonchristian and Catholic leaders can be viewed on YouTube. These videos provide an excellent introduction to Christian apologetics.

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