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Researcher: Bad Parents Create Internet Addicts

Fri, Jan. 17, 2014 Posted: 08:10 PM

Could the root cause of internet addiction in many teenagers and young adults be the result of bad parenting? Researchers in Greece suggest such a link.

Argyroula Kalaitzaki, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Technological Education Institute in Heraklion, Greece, authored the research paper "The impact of early parenting bonding on young adults’ Internet addiction, through the mediation effects of negative relating to others and sadness."

Reuters quotes Kalaitzaki as saying, "In short, good parenting, including parental warmth and affection, that is caring and protective parents, has been associated with lower risk for Internet addiction" and "bad parenting, including parental control and intrusion, that is authoritarian and neglectful parents, has been associated with higher risk for addiction."

Science also links internet addiction to a genetic factor.

Assistant pastor and counselor Jim Rose reports, "In my clients there is often an overwhelming feeling of helplessness in the presence of an Internet addiction." Rose notes that internet addiction is also linked to the gene CHRNA4 and concludes, "Undetermined at this point is which came first: the addiction or the mutation (I would argue it’s the addiction)."

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