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Saudi Princess Calls for Revolution

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Photo: Sahar's Twitter account
"Brother Mutaeb issued their death sentence no food or drink allowed"

Princess Sahar, age 42, has pledged support to political revolutionaries in Saudi Arabia. Press TV has translated Sahar's speech:

"Greetings to martyrs and to free men in jail. It's an honor for me to learn the meaning of freedom,rights, and dignity from you revolutionary people. We promise to follow in your footsteps and not to let go of your hands."

Sahar says that she has been drugged and that she and her sisters have been held captive for 13 years. Her mom, divorced from King Assad and living in exhile, collaborates these accusations.

Through social media the princesses are seeking support and freedom. On Twitter Sahar and her supporters use the hashtag #FreeThe4 to advance her cause. She also claims that her brother has sentenced them to death.

PressTV interview
King Abdullah's ex-wife and mother of Sahar in TV interview.

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