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12/2/13 at 11:29 PM 124 Comments

Scientist: Humans Evolved From Chimpanzee and Pig Mating

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Photo: Flickr/Valentina Storti - Creative Commons
This chimpanzee lives at the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kenya.

Scientist and author Eugene M. McCarthy has proposed an hypothesis that humans evolved from a female chimpanzee and male pig mating. McCarthy reports, "Is it possible for a pig to hybridize with a chimpanzee? I have no way of knowing at present, but I have no logical or evidential basis for rejecting the idea."

McCarthy's hypothesis is shared at

The science website reports the hypothesis is worthy of further exploration.

The hypothesis is attracting interest from fellow science enthusiasts and bewilderment from the media. On Twitter vegetarians are comparing the eating of pigs to cannibalism.

@BigAddie responds with humor, "Okay, next time I hear, 'Men are pigs,' I'm going to reply, 'Women are chimps.'"

Although Answers in Genesis scientist David Menton disagrees with this hypothesis, he shows support for some of McCarthy's research: "These hybridizing experiments he’s doing are of interest to us, because many species of animals could come from just one 'kind,'" (quote from WND).

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