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Sin and Beauty on Display in Life of Michael Jordan

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Photo: Flickr/Jason H. Smith - Creative Commons

ESPN is conducting a poll to determine the "greatest athlete of all time." One of the candidates is basketball player Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan's life story attracts attention not only from sports fans but also motivational speakers and Christian bloggers.

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins attributes Jordan's sports accomplishments to his standards.

Owen Strachan, a blogger that teaches church history at Boyce College, writes about Jordan and us:

"His athletic ability is the most breathtaking display of physical talent many of us have ever witnessed; his ferocious will and massive ego has left many hurting people in his wake.

All of us in our natural state, outside of the mercy of Christ, are an awkward blend of these two things: beauty and sin. Light and darkness."

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Do you have an athlete that serves as a role model for how you have lived?

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