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The Cure for Racism: Examine Yourself

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There is some interesting commentary on the Zimmerman court case. The Notable News blog would like to bring a video and article to your attention.

In a video post on Facebook, Johnathan Gentry challenges his friends to get their priorities right regarding the debate over racism.

Gentry said, "... honestly even the Bible tells you examine yourself, introspect yourself, look at yourself right now as a black person and see where you are."

Gentry says that blacks can stop the racism problems in America by raising their standards of behavior:

When we stop killing each other, when we stop mugging each other, when we stop doing all that foolishness that we're doing out here in these streets and we're tugging underneath the rug and we want to point at Zimmerman. It will stop when we stop.

Gentry says that the racism labeling should also stop:

However, as black people we want to pick and choose when we want to pull the race card. We want to pick and choose when we want to say racism this,racism that. What about black on black crime and us killing each other. We've been dying for years by the hands of another black man.

Phil Cooke, a blogger for CP, has written an article for The Huffington Post about the racism of the media.

Cooke points out that statistics on black on black crime are not readily available in the media:

How many young African-American men were killed in Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York during the Zimmerman trial? It's difficult to find out because most news organizations apparently aren't interested.

Tragically 12 people were killed and 62 people were wounded by gunfire in Chicago around the July 4th holiday but this violence failed to receive large media coverage. Media priorities are not where they need to be.

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