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Will Atheist Assemblies Surpass Christian Churches?

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Looking at the Christian Post homepage, I found two interesting headline. The first asked "Why Are Millennials Leaving the Church? while the second proclaims "London-Based 'Atheist Church' Launches New Congregation in Nashville."

Are these headlines related? Possibly.

In the first story, Addie Zierman said she left the church in her 20's because she she "struggled to connect with other Christians and find a church that offered the attention and acceptance for which she longed." Instead she sought acceptance at the bar and Caribou Coffee.

In the Second story says the mission of the Godless Sunday Assembly is "to create an inclusive environment for all attendees while they celebrate life. The group also invites people from different faith backgrounds to attend and say their focus is to help people live better lives."

It should be no surprise that the world is luring Christian youth. The question is what is the Church going to do about it.

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