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Zombies Invade Pop Culture: What Does This Mean?

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Photo: Flickr/Nivaldo Arruda - Creative Commons
2010 Participants in Zombie Walk.

The Walking Dead is currenlty the most watched program on cable television. On Sunday night of this week it had more viewers than The Bible.

Several CP bloggers have explored this topic.

  • Does the Bible Promote the Existence of Zombies? - "Articles by Huffington Post, Zombies Are Coming, and Zombie Research Society have examined Bible verses about resurrected humans."
  • Zombie Mania—How It Affects Us All - "What’s the difference between killing a zombie and killing a human? If zombies were to have consciousness, what import would this have for video game shootings, where mesmerized youths and adults go into a zombie-like state of gunning down these walking dead eating machines?"

Now Baptist Press is exploring the topic. The article Zombies & the Resurrection explores the history of zombie tales in America and reveals that soldiers visiting Haiti in the 1920s brought back stories of zombies.

Then the Baptist Press article examines why these stories have become popular:

There are any number of theories floating around about why folks are fascinated with zombies, ranging from our timeless appetite for scary stories to heavy-duty dissertations analyzing our fear of global pandemics, terrorism, world-ending wars and even the dehumanizing effects of consumer culture.

But there's a deeper and more universal human fear underlying the zombie obsession: our dread of death itself. And what comes after.

If you have friends that watch The Walking Dead, ask them what they like about the show and be willing to explore the deeper reasons they watch this form of entertainment.

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