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Mike Murdock, Benny Hinn & 1999 Safe Robbery: What REALLY happened?

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Benny Hinn
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Benny Hinn: Truth about the 1999 safe robbery of Benny Hinn TV pastor friend Mike Murdock. (See Also: God in a Nutshell - file 001: Benny Hinn: Occult, Secret Life and Fake Miracles interview by Trey Smith and Benny Hinn childhood friend, Trish ErConner.)

Benny Hinn's friend Mike Murdock and the 1999 safe robbery. Whose lying? Whose telling the truth? Or is everybody dirty?

I (Trey Smith) often get asked, "Is the safe robbery true? Did all this really happen?"

It is a fair and reasonable question.... thus, I made the video you see on this page (just beneath) to answer that very question.

Truth is --- in the end ---- we're all flawed.... that applies to me, as much as it applies to Mike Murdock or Benny Hinn. I pray for them both every morning.... As much anger as myself or others may feel (and perhaps rightfully so), I would not wish to see either of these men miss heaven over the pursuit of a few dollar bills..... or even a 100 million of them as may be their case. I am serious about that. If either were to change their lives ---- not a play-game "show" change ----> a genuine change in the heart through-and-through.... I would likely be the first to have tears in my eyes. 

But what do I know.... I was just the foolish kid that ripped off a TV pastor, right? 

TV pastor safe robbery EXPOSED.... Sex Greed, Lies ... and a sstolen safe

The above video is a reply to the #1 question I am asked.... "CAN ALL THIS POSSIBLY BE TRUE?" 

Trey Smith-

A Reviewer in Cyber Space (inspiration behind the creation the video above)

Pros:The writing is quite good; Moves very quickly; Keeps you guessing
Cons:Some parts a little hard to believe; No chapter titles; Many questions unanswered.
The Bottom Line: This is an entertaining read, but it does have a few notable flaws. (Trey should have titled the chapters so I could keep my place)

Book Facts and Figures:

Thieves is a 339- page book with 38 untitled chapters.

Mike Murdock
Scott Tindall's snow, cabin & glass of wine, Vail, Colorado
Mike Murdock | 1999 TV pastor safe robbery

It begins with Trey Smith and some friends mulling over something Trey had just stolen; something that could prove to be worth its weight in gold. The object was a safe, but not just any safe. It was the safe belonging to TV evangelist Mike Murdock and while Trey had never seen what was inside it, he was confident that the contents had to be something grand. After all, Mike Murdock was loaded with cash and owned all sorts of expensive collectibles.

Breaking into the safe took some effort, but once opened, Smith and his buddy experienced the shock of their lives. But there was little time to think about it or worry. Murdock knew the safe was stolen and was ready to run down the person who robbed him. Trey Smith then takes off on an adventure across the state of Texas, into Mexico, into New Mexico, and into all sorts of trouble.

Final Thoughts:

Thieves is an unusual book in many ways and it’s the type of book that will result in very different reactions from all who read it. It reads like a work of fiction and it is loaded with quotations. The quotes are too clear and well- written to be real, but as Smith notes at the beginning of the book, this book is a non- fictional narrative. The actual events are true, but the spoken words are not necessarily the exact, precise words written on each page. Some of the book seems a little far- fetched to be true and considering the drugs Smith was using, you are left wondering if his memory is very accurate. On the other hand, I do not doubt some elements of the book, like the parts about the wikedly evil Mike Murdock. In fact, I think Trey Smith was actually nicer when he talks about Murdock than many people would be. I also don’t doubt Smith’s drug issues and run- ins with the law. Lots of people use drugs, and what Smith went through isn’t that difficult to accept as an honest account.

As for other, more general observations about the book, I like that it includes short chapters because this makes it easier to find a good stopping point without having to read a large number of pages. I like stopping at the end of a chapter and the short chapters make it convenient. But one thing I do not like is that the chapters are untitled. A creative writer like Trey Smith could easily come up with titles and they would help serve as a reference.

Trey Smith | Theory of Everything
Trey Smith
Next scheduled Trey Smith book to be released is titled, "the Theory of Everything." The book contains (HD) images of space, nature and illustrations on each page.... Accordingly, it is a hardcore look at current science, evolution and physics.... "Who are we? Where did we come from? What happens next?" Einstein's last unfinished work was titled, "the Theory of Everything."

Overall, Thieves is an interesting book that moves a mile a minute and keeps your anticipation level high from start to finish. I would love to see a response from Jason Murdock, Mike Murdock, and others who have undoubtedly read this book and may have a somewhat different story to share. I am a little frustrated that Smith didn't come forward with his revelations sooner and I am skeptical about some of the books accuracy in the midst of so much drug use. But this is still an interesting book and it’s a real page- tuner. Like a suspenseful fiction novel, Thieves keeps you wondering and keeps you anticipating, right down to the final pages.

Recommended: Yes

To see more reviews of Thieves --- including some that I am guessing are from Murdock family members -----> Here's a link to Amazon which has quite a growing number of them.

Please share YOUR thoughts in the comment box below about Mike Murdock, the safe robbery, the Thieves story, Benny Hinn.... or about me (Trey Smith). PS: I am big boy and trust me I can take it. Thank you for reading this post. If your interested in the book the official site is: Thieves: One dirty TV pastor and the man who robbed him. ----> Or simply go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your favorite bookseller and ask for: Thieves by Trey Smith. 

Thank you for reading & watching my books, projects & videos.... such as the God in a Nutshell project.

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