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Question: Why do Christians NOT follow Christ?

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Trey Smith video
Mike Murdock
Trey Smith
Mike Murdock

My name is Trey Smith. In 1999 I literally drove a Cadillac through a TV pastor's mansion gate because I was extremely fed-up --- I admit --- boiling red angry---with seeing people get screwed-over, hurt and deliberately run-over by a mainstream mega millionaire TV pastor named Mike Murdock --- and I dealt with it wrong.

Sometimes I just sit (like I am doing right now as I type this) and ask myself: Why can't I show them how deep this goes? Why can't they see the difference between their friends and enemies? Why can't they see the many, many incredible ministries that could use one dollar to feed their families -- missonaries, churches and pastors who literally starve while the Christians rush to lay their financial sacrifices on the alters of crooks... the payment for softly spoken lies, whispered deciet, and false promises of prosper without its price.... the words that tickle our "petty rebellions" and excite all those "harmless" little demons inside.

I submit this for you consideration: Is prosperity ever truly gained from lies and other's pain?

I have come against the practice of seed faith a lot in many of my videos.... I have been wrong to do this. "Seed-faith" is very real. We all reap what we sow.

I learned this while sitting in a desert after making the poorest decisions of my life.... decisions that cost me many years of fear, struggle and hardship.... I found myself screaming in a desert after running from a TV pastor I had just robbed. Tears ran down my face. I clutched dirt and dust. Things were so bad at several points that I sometimes just wanted to fall down in the merciless sun and die.....

My only friend sometimes was a horse I had gotten from old Mexican. That horse may have saved my life, a man can never be certain about these things?

Anyhow---I didn't get to that desert... that place I was screaming.... that place I wished I could get out of.... that place I wished I could wave a wand and make everything better---but I couldn't. I had to live-out my choices. For better -or- worse.

And--in my life--poor decisions were like boiling a frog. It was small collections of tiny comprimises, and secrets, and little white lies, and pretty soon there is nothing but lies.....

Perhaps the desert is the only place any of us learn.... I don't know.

If I had one prayer.... It would be that the church would open her eyes ---> right now, the people of God are not only powerless and blind.... In my opinion, the church itself stands on the most frighteningly dangerous ground.

Some say that our churches and our nation are headed for a desert.... a rough rocky place.... indeed, I do believe that seed faith is very, very real.

But---what do I know? i am just the fool that robbed the tv pastor?

-trey smith | God in a Nutshell

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