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Religion vs. Science: The evolution of GREED. May the best LIES win.

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Religion vs. Science: The evolution of pure GREED on all sides-- Trey Smith.

Trey Smith | Science vs. Religion... the new evolution of GREED
Trey Smith | Trey's Nutshell
Science vs. Religion.... the new evolution of GREED -- by Trey Smith. PS: Trey Smith is the guy who sort of robbed a television pastor in 1999 (it's true).... Thieves: One dirty TV pastor and the man who robbed him

Though it may be chuckled in the cozy cocktail lairs of modern empires, "The common man is like a mushroom, you keep him in the dark and feed him manure. No man gains power in this life without the backing of things unseen." Some would argue that both religion and science have worked well in the shoveling "manure" part of that.

Religion, science, evolution, power, greed, control... Putting this in perspective: We are on a spinning blue rock in the middle of a violent dark abyss of death called “space” --- and everything here on this rock strangely operates as infinitely, twistedly-beautiful, life-support cycles and systems (every piece vital in some way to every other piece) --- as if we are living in an unimaginably complex biological program. Larger still, the heavens above in all their glory seem to work on intricate cycles too – like clocks and gears with purpose beyond our feeble grasp.

So yes – It’s all sideways, man.

Awakening by Trey Smith
Trey Smith | God in a Nutshell
Trey Smith | Awakening by Trey Smith is set of 3 letters written while Trey was on the run in Mexico following the safe robbery of TV pastor Mike Murdock. The Awakening may be the most unusual 3 videos on the internet. Not to bring it up -- but right now -- they're free to watch. Trey Smith Awakening

That being said, I felt I should look at a few things before giving Stephen Hawking (brilliant as he may be) a rubber stamp endorsement on his claim to have “worked out the whole universe” on his laptop. Sometimes, I hit pause and ask questions when theoretical possibilities are defined as facts and popular opinion decides details. Let me tell you a secret, asking questions gets me in trouble -- a lot. But to me, the death throw red-flag is when dollar bills and profitability decide the outcomes we like best on anything – not just science or religion. It is an eerie moment when we stop to consider just how many times our textbooks and brilliant minds of ages past have turned out to be wrong. Perhaps the most dangerous ground on which a man could possibly stand being the naiveness to believe he has it: “all figured out.” In my life, that is generally the hour the floor falls out from under my feet.


Let me quote the words of Charles Darwin (author of the Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection, often called, “Evolution”) who had the humility to say of his own theory: “If it were ever shown that the smallest particles were irreducibly complex, then my theory would completely break down.” In Darwin’s day, the smallest particle being a cell – commonly thought to be as complex as a ping-pong ball. Of course we now know in biology that cells are only the beginning….

Trey Smith | Flagellum Motor
Trey Smith
Trey Smith | The term "irreducible complexity" -- meaning that: biochemical structures are too complex to be adequately explained by known evolutionary mechanisms -- was first "coined" by Michael Behe. Ph.D. Professor Biochemistry Department of Biological Sciences. The Flagellum shown in the image operates like an industrial motor -- even though microscopic. Thus the term, "Biological Machines." If one were to remove one piece from the Flagellum Motor, it would not function. Thus, as is the nature of cellular world -- it is irreducibly complex -- having to be complete in all its parts from the very start.

And irreducibly complex is the tip of the iceberg. Even a cell itself is a living factory – a factory made of what scientists call “biological machines.” This means that the inner workings of any cell, with all its thousands of microscopic parts and maze of tiny “biological machines” all hustling this way-and-that are so amazingly perfect that if one were to remove a single piece – the cell would not function. Not one piece too many; not one piece too few. It must all be complete at the start. This is very troubling for evolution. Unfortunate as it may be, it seems to mean that no cell can evolve. In the human body there are 50 to 75 trillion cells running roughly 210 highly crucial systems – from the glands, to the blood and everything in-between.

But – It gets worse.

It is not just your human body, or the cells it’s made of – it is everything. Everything here on earth appears to be dependent on everything else (symbiotic relationships, systems which are all vitally dependent on each other for life and survival). The problem most common for evolution is that none of these systems seem to be able to come into place in a piece-meal fashion (one-piece-at-a-time).

Trey Smith | Evolution and the Evolving frogs
Trey Smith | Trey's Nutshell | God in a Nutshell
Trey Smith | Evolution and the Evolving frogs

A paradox as it may seem, from a sheerly mathematical perspective, it all appears to have been functional at the start. For example: You give off carbon dioxide the plants need, the plants give off oxygen that you need in return. The bees need the pollination of flowering plants, those plants need the bees. This list could go on, and on… and on... forever. It is not just a few examples; it truly includes the running of everything, and every vital cycle from the air in your lungs, to the oxygen in your blood, to the vital biological systems of the body, to the biological systems of the food you’ll eat and every other living, breathing creature… right up to the most distant star. It is all connected. From the rotation of the earth around the sun, the moon around the earth, the flow of the rivers, the ocean tides, the magnificently complex spinning of electrons which make light (the vibrations which are the matrix and construct of all of it – every piece of matter) -- right back to those biological machines in your cells, which we started this conversation with.

Trey Smith | Bill Gates
Trey Smith | Trey's Nutshell
Trey Smith | Bill Gates "Could you please ask God to write His own code. I took a look at DNA and I can't do it. I gave the world Windows, what more do you want from me?"

You don’t believe me, I don’t blame you. I am just a guy that committed the 1999 safe robbery of a TV pastor, right? Perhaps you may believe Bill Gates, who said, “DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software we've ever created.”

Gates appears to be correct in that statement.

In fact, in mid-2001, the "Human Genome Project" and Celera Genomics presented the complexity of the digital code in DNA. Their findings were that the DNA molecule is made of chemical bases arranged in approximately 3 billion precise sequences; even the DNA for the single-celled bacterium, E. coli, containing enough information to fill an entire set of Encyclopedia Britannica.

“Although DNA code is remarkably complex, it is the information translation system in the code that really baffles science. We now know that the DNA molecule is an intricate message system. To claim that DNA arose randomly; that information so unimaginably precise and complex that it makes the most brilliant of our technology look like primitive foolishness – and to suggest that this can develop randomly? (I am not certain we can commit to that notion).”

It does appear to be true that Jack Rabbit DNA only makes Jack Rabbits, human DNA only makes humans, and turtle DNA only makes turtles…. Just like a copy of Microsoft Windows never evolves to become Apple Macintosh software (at least not without lots of intelligent help and likely quite a few Asian names in the credits). DNA strands can be viewed as tiny programs containing the specific instructions for each and every life-form on earth.

As a further part of the amazement, DNA has “variables.” This means that although a Jack Rabbit is a Jack Rabbit; no two Jack Rabbits are perfectly alike – meaning that every creature on this planet is unique from every other creature (we’re not identical robots). That is actually part of the code. These variables have been used from evolution’s beginning as the argument that, “if something has small variations, perhaps a single celled creature could eventually become a human – given enough “time” (we’ll get to that “time” thing in a minute).

Trey Smith | DNA
Trey Smith | Trey's Nutshell
Trey Smith | DNA doing -- well -- the miracle of DNA. PS: DNA is literal instructions for a living organism.

Unfortunately, just as a computer program only contains the code for that specific program (and its variables) – so also does the code of a Jack Rabbit (and its variables) only contain the code for a Jack Rabbit. Bottom line – the variables account for minor differences between animals in any given species (size, color, eye color, hair color, etc…). They do not account for the "million dollar" question – the existence of the animal, creature or organism itself.

I think they still slip it in the textbooks that "evolution" happens by "mutations" -- a mutation by definition is, "a screw-up." In the case of evolution, this has to be a screw-up that makes something better than it was. Sort of like saying, "I bought a car. The car had a problem... but the problem made my car better."

Even so, don't take my word for it that this might not work.

Since the early 1900s, millions of fruit fly generations have been bred in laboratories across the globe -- fruit flies have short life-cycles, and thus... lots of generations for inexpensive testing. Scientists performing these experiments have introduced fruit flies to levels of radiation and countless other weird factors designed to produce mutations. In fact, so many experiments and generations that it is commonly now said, "labratory mutations created on flies would be the equivalent of millions and millions of years of "evolutionary" time."

Trey Smith | Fly Experiments
Trey Smith | Trey's Nutshell
Trey Smith | Fly Experiments -- 100 years of experiments on flies has led some scientists to state, "perhaps the fly is immune to evolution."

`"After 100 years and millions of generations of fruit flies subjected to X rays and chemicals which cause mutations, all they have been able to produce are more of the same. The fruit fly appears to be immune to evolution." -- Quoting the Fly Experiments.

Was it not Maurice Caullery who said, "Out of (our) 400 mutations, there is not one that can be called a new species." Or Norman Macbeth who quoted, "...if a thousand mutations were combined in one specimen, there would still be no new species." Or perhaps you may perfer Francis Hitching, "Fruit flies refuse to become anything but fruit flies under any circumstances yet devised." Or, just for good measure, how about Gordon R. Taylor, "It is striking, geneticists have been breeding fruit flies for sixty years or more in labs all around the world—flies which produce a new generation every eleven days—yet they have never seen the emergence of a new species or even a new enzyme."

And it's not just flies that they've tried this mutation thing on.

Michigan State University evolutionary biologists Richard Lenski and his colleagues searched for signs of evolution in bacteria for 20 years, tracking 40,000 generations. In the end, the only changes that had occurred were degenerative. A fact which caused University of Bristol bacteriology professor Alan Linton to state:

“Where is the experimental evidence? None exists… Bacteria, with generation times of 20 to 30 minutes, but throughout 150 years of the science of bacteriology, there is no evidence that one species of bacteria has changed into another, in spite of the fact that populations have been exposed to potent chemical and physical mutagens. Since there is no evidence for species changes between the simplest forms of unicellular life, it is not surprising that there is no evidence for evolution throughout the whole array of higher multicellular organisms."

Now -- I could probably drill you through a whole list of other little critters they've also tried this on... but I'm guessing you get the picture.

I mentioned math and time earlier. And I am not just meaning to "pick on" evolution (we'll get to religion's role in this mess in a second), but I don't think it would be fair if I didn't share with you where it really gets grim for Darwin's theory.

Trey Smith
Trey Smith | Trey's Nutshell
Trey Smith | The odds of evolution

So, let's roll the dice... Do you feel lucky?

Winning 3,000 "consecutive lotteries" has been compared to the odds of producing one single protein in the complexity of a DNA strand. Now you just need this same set of 3,000 tri-state lottery wins to happen roughly 23 billion more times, with more than 100 thousand different protein types (not missing once), to get one single strand of DNA. Not to push the odds further, but this “miracle luck” has to happen for every specific type of DNA in the organism… and then as a final nightmare – uniquely for the generation of code for every single different living, breathing thing on earth. Not to rub in one more ounce of bad news, but since everything is connected to the survival of everything else by symbiotic cycles and relationships (every system of life being a prerequisite for every other system of life) – this all has to happen at once (simultaneously).

Since I for one have never been successful at the lottery; pardon me if I have to pass on this bet.

The math on this is simple: Over time, things appear to decay – not get better.

Perhaps it may be true that I could keep "beating-up" on evolution with other sciences all week without breaking a sweat – but I am not going to. Because the truth is, it wouldn’t help. A guy whose heroes are the likes of folks such as Bill Maher will find any possible way to squirm around the questions that frighten them most, or challenge their desired "World View."

Trey Smith
Trey Smith | D-Magazine
Trey Smith -- Trey Smith steals the TV pastor's safe and embarks on the journey to Mexico covered in his TRUE LIFE STORY, Thieves: One dirty TV pastor and the man who robbed him. This drawing by Mark Thomas ran as a full page headline article in Dallas, Texas, D Magazine (One of the largest news and entertainment magazines in Texas, readership 400 thousand). D Magazine paid Trey Smith for exclusive rights to run chapter one of Thieves in their publication for one month.

I also can not boast of “how smart I am”… Because the truth is: I am a fool (only idiots rob TV pastors when they're 20 years old) – which is exactly what makes this situation so sad for all of us. Whether one were to agree with evolution or not – surely you are awake enough to realize that we have settled for junk-food, lunch box answers to the very questions that matter most. That is exactly why the sciences that are being served-up crumble like dust in your finger-tips.

As if rabbits -- chasing carrots on sticks -- managing to stay distracted for entire lifetimes… then only at the end scrambling like fiends for quick answers to the 3 questions that matter most: Who are we? Where did we come from? What happens next?

And, as convenient as it may seem, the blame cannot be placed on Bill Maher, Global Conspiracies, or the Bilderbergers. The truth is that religion has done more damage to itself than the most committed atheist ever could.

Was it not Pope Pius the 12th who endorsed Hitler? I guess he forgot to pray for sound judgment that day. But this is actually nothing new – religion has always been used as tool for rulers to gain power and leverage over their subjects… Or, just a common "means-to-an-end" for good old fashioned greed. Maybe why Jesus Christ Himself stormed the temple and flipped the tables of the money changers? I believe His exact words were, “You brood of vipers… My Father’s house shall be called a house of prayer, but ye have made it a den of thieves.”

Trey Smith | TBN
Trey Smith | Trey's Nutshell | God in a Nutshell
Trey Smith | TBN scandal - Jet Planes, Sex Stuff, Swimming Pools of Cash... Did I mention the Pink Poodle? To see Trey Smith TBN Christian Post article. To see Trey Smith | Trey's Nutshell TBN article w/ video (yes... there is a pink poodle in it).

Today you have Benny Hinn selling fake miracles, TBN and its devious lists of endless allegations, Creflo Dollar impoverishing the black community, Daystar TV allowing Marcus Lamb to cry on television for money 24-relentless hours of everyday. To be honest, these men, their games and shenanigans may actually be the best evidence for “monkey-men” that evolution ever had.

In reality, the primary culprit for the evasion of the answers to the “questions that matter most” might be as close as a bathroom mirror.

But – to ponder this issue a little more -- although even your local auto mechanic (or his 10 year old son) could tell you that over time organized things deteriorate to chaos – one might be left to wonder, “How does a theory like evolution, which seems to fail many of the basic math and biological evidences (that are required for any other observable science), become the mainstream theory on earth?”

Ahhh… Now we’re beginning to ask interesting questions.

Quick Lesson in Real Life: Sciences work in groups called, “Societies of Mind.” These societies of mind all have different “belief sets” (beliefs and theories they all agree to within the group). In math, this could be called the society of mind’s, “Axiom of Choice". All beliefs are a "Leap of Faith", whether it be science, religion or a guy who thinks he sees Elvis. Once a person chooses their favorite "World View" they will accept any evidence that supports it, rejecting everything else. Our sciences are no acception. They also choose what they will endorse; for better or worse. Remember how I said earlier that the, “death throw red-flag is when dollar bills and profitability decide the outcomes we like best?” Well – congratulations (give yourself 5 points). As any marketer will tell you, the race horse you feed and nurture most -- wins.

Begging the question: Does popular opinion equal truth?

This may be why – when it comes to something like evolution – you may find different answers from those whose titles begin with words like, “Theoretical” (idea, possibility guys) – and those who straight-up need science to be observable and work right-now, real-time, this-minute, in practical application. PS: I love idea guys… and those reaching into the realm of the theoretical – but they’re not generally who I turn to for solid, working, right-now, answers.

So – You may ask, “Are you telling me I have been marketed an idea? Why would anyone market me a belief or science?”

Well – I am going to let you answer those questions in your own mind, and connect any pesky little dots. Although I am not big on "Conspiracy Theories", I do like odd facts. Perhaps a touch of history will help?

Charles Galton Darwin
Trey Smith | God in a Nutshell
Trey Smith | Charles Galton Darwin - Sir Charles Galton Darwin, KBE, MC, FRS (18 December 1887 – 31 December 1962) was an English physicist, the grandson of Charles Darwin. He served as director of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) during the Second World War.

Allow me to quote the words of Charles Galton Darwin (Charles Darwin’s grandson) who said, "…every civilization has really been a form of slavery for the people. This is the "natural order", and of course "the leaders" are trained in the technique of enslaving people since birth.”

Trey Smith
Trey Smith | Trey's Nutshell | God in a Nutshell
Trey Smith | Yes --- This is what a monkey looks like.

Without going into names of powerful clubhouses (secret societies), powerful banking families… those who may have multi-national governess over assets, resources, foundations, financial systems and the governments they may hold in place – folks who might not always believe the very things they may fund for others to believe -- The question may become ---------------------------------------> Is there a value for a common man to believe himself as no more than a monkey?


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Trey Smith
Trey Smith | God in a Nutshell
Trey Smith | Awakening... Check it out.

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