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Trey Smith | The God in a Nutshell Project began as merely one letter I had written during some of the roughest times during my run from the TV Pastor Mike Murdock following the safe robbery I committed in 1999. See my book Thieves on Amazon for details. That letter --- now called Letter One --- was truly me crying out: "Who is God! And where is He!"

The material has a curious appeal, particularly to intellectuals and those seeking answers to what is just beyond human reach. God in a Nutshell is spiritual, attentive to history (ancient cultures), scientific in approach, and expresses questions that mankind has asked since our earliest beginnings. Let me be clear about this: I (Trey Smith) am NOT a pastor, religious authority, or spiritual guru of any kind. To the contrary, I am merely a man searching for more details to three questions I find very important: Who are we? Where did we come from? What happens next? Those three questions are the God in a Nutshell Project.