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TBN: Terror of Mass Burglaries break-out in TBN case

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TBN: Mass Burglaries during legal case. Legal files stolen.

Brittany Crouch-Koper: TERROR STRIKES in TBN lawsuit. MASS Burglaries Break-out all-over the place in TBN scandal / lawsuit.

Brittany Crouch-Koper

Mass organized burglaries? Stolen legal files, gun threats, gag orders, etc, etc, etc, all over what one woman named Brittany Crouch-Koper may say about Christian media super-giant TBN. It has been independently confirmed that Brittany Koper's old attorney, Tymothy MacLeod, has suffered a burglary where computers and legal files have been reported stolen.It has also been reported that Brittany Koper's mom's house, where her husband was working on aspects of the case, was broken into and legal files, computers, and legal mail were stolen. As well as, now it appears to also be true that Brittany Koper's new attorney, Gary Richardson, has also been burglarized for similar legal items.

These break-ins and burglaries are speculated by some to be more than coincidence. Part of a possibly related string which happened in late August of 2012 and are still under investigation. DNA evidence may be present in the Tym MacLeod case, yet no results are known as of this date.

This chain of burglaries comes in the heat of the "gearing-up" of the TBN lawsuit which Brittany Crouch-Koper originally filed in February 2012, and new attorney Gary Richardson is believed to be refiling in the coming weeks.

The original TBN lawsuit contains allegations of mishandling of donor funds in the tens and tens of millions, donor funds used for the cover-up of sexual affairs in the ministry, and extravagant spending such as at least one $50 million dollar jet-plane , luxury motor-homes purchased for

TBN: Jan Crouch
Trey Smith

Jan Crouch's dogs, to regular sports car purchases by Matt Crouch. The new lawsuit filing by Gary Richardson is anticipated to now include additional damages for the cover-up of a rape of Brittany's sister by a TBN employee, among other damages.

During the course of the escalation of this matter, Brittany Koper has alleged much intimidation; including a gun threat by Matt Crouch

On a personal note: Having grown-up in the midst of what is called "Prosperity Gospel", committing a safe robbery on Benny Hinn's fundraiser Mike Murdock, then finding myself in Mexico, and other very, very difficult places -- I can only say that this whole thing is a disappointing mess. In my opinion, it is not prosperity that is the problem. Here is the question that comes to mind: Is the prosper for the enrichment of others; or is it totally self-serving for ourselves? Bottom line, I pray that our major ministries would get back in the business of putting Jesus and others before themselves ---- I am praying for a turn around in TBN. The truth is, they have had many, many incredible people on their shows over the years... and both Paul Sr. and Jan Crouch have struggled to accomplishments that are inspiring to many. I pray they pull up on the ship. --- Trey Smith, author Thieves: One dirty TV pastor and the man who robbed him.

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