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Theory of Everything: God now Science FACT?

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Theory of Everything
Theory of Everything: God, Devils, Dimensions & man

Theory of Everything: God, Devils, Dimensions & Man --- the Illusion of Reality was released on Youtube on February 6th 2013. The video went up on the God in a Nutshell channel which has gained 1.2 million views in a matter of months covering topics such as the Book of Enoch, Nephilim and even the childhood / secret life of Benny Hinn.

Theory of Everything
Theory of Everything: One of the first views of the Theory of Everything was captured on a cell cam and posted on Facebook by Jon Rovetto former program manager for TBN

Stephen Hawking appears to propose that in the beginning there was nothing, nothing exploded and became sheer mechanical clockwork everything..... Richard Dawkins appears to support that precision digital coding (DNA) for living organisms came from rocks.... and Dr. Michu Kaku often seems to state his belief that, in truth, Elvis is alive in another universe. As interesting as these conjectures are --- the Theory of Everything proposes a deeper set of answers; from the cells to the stars and the dimensions between.


Is God a scientific certainty? This video is an easy to understand journey and step-by-step walk through on how God appears to be a proven Mathematical & Physics certainty in the sciences that make up the very fabric of our reality ---> Quantum Mechanics.... as well as our own spiritual condition ---> Conciousness (the thing that you call YOU).

Theory of Everything (FULL) ---hit play to see what this is all about.

Music by Swiss Composer Kevin Ohlsson and German Composer Michael Donner

Further, the video is also a razor's delve through the deep heart of the most basic, simple and practical reasons why "fringe sciences" such as Darwin's 1859 Theory of Evolution may have been reduntantly obsolete since the early 1900s ..... perhaps growing progressively more grim in light of discoveries in other sciences such as genetics, DNA, biology, the fossil record, and even the physics of the very universe itself.....

A good watch if you want quick, on-hand, on-your-feet answers for scientific questions regarding the existence of a Creator and Sustainer for the majesty of this place, us and this thing we call "reality".....

PS: You might find a pinch of illumination of issues such as aliens, nephilim, fallen angels in this video as well....

Trey Smith

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