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Pray for Marriage

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Marriage is getting some media coverage lately. Lots of folks are writing columns trying to predict what the Supreme Court justices will decide in the two cases challenging the time-honored, God-ordained institution of marriage.

 One CNN article that came with a carefully staged photo stunned me and I printed it out to remind myself how surreal and yet how serious this all is. The picture was of two young women in strapless wedding gowns, the whitest of white. One is on the other’s lap, noses and hands touching, with their dresses cascading off the back of a red pick-up surrounded by a country landscape. The article discusses the unique challenges photographers of same sex weddings face in creating poses for their subjects. There’s even a book out on the topic: CAPTURING LOVE: THE ART OF LESBIAN AND GAY PHOTOGRAPHY.  

 One of the problems to be addressed: too much white. Solution: one of the brides should wear a colored sash. Another problem: When one groom is standing behind the other in a shoulder to shoulder shot, one groom’s boutonniere could be hidden or squished. The fix: one groom wears his on the right lapel instead of the traditional left.

In a column, published just days before oral arguments in the marriage cases, Constitutional attorney Matt Barber described the core of the decision now before the justices. “Of central concern,“ he writes, “is whether the Supreme Court will put its official stamp of approval on that cartoonish contradiction-in-terms labeled “same sex marriage.”

Amidst all the talk of justice for gays, individual rights, and a concept called “marriage equality,” natural law and this CNN picture of lesbian brides remind us that same-sex marriage simply is not marriage. Marriage was God’s idea and it’s for sexually complementary humans. If the Supreme Court redefines marriage to mean something other than this, there will be no putting the constitutional brakes on calling other groupings of people marriage. Groups characterized by bigamy, polygamy, polyamory, incest, or even just plain old friendship.

Right now we’re seeing the stories about long-term gay and lesbian couples who tell us marriage would mean everything to them. But if they get their way, we’ll be on track for marriage to mean nothing. And, that’s really the endgame, to render marriage meaningless.

Sure lots of gay and lesbian couples are longing for the “married” status. They may not be out to destroy the institution…but that will be the result from tampering with the definition of marriage. Matt Barber, who also teaches at Liberty University Law School, says that the bottom line is, “Homosexual activists don’t want the white picket fence. They want to burn down the white picket fence.”

For believers, marriage will endure. The good it does for society may not. If you haven’t already begun fervently praying that the U.S. Supreme Court would uphold the institution of marriage, now is a good time to start.

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